The Scale of Service Outsourcing and Call Center Industry Breaks through 50,000 Seats in Guiyang
Source: View: 282 Date: 2015-07-15

In the first half of 2015, the service outsourcing & call center industry in Guiyang had accumulatively set up 36,500 seats. With 22,000 seats set in 2014, currently, there are totally more than 50,000 seats of call center industry in whole city.

Recently report introduces from the development office of service outsourcing and call center industry in Guiyang that the targeted mission for constructing service outsourcing industry in Guiyang has increased 80,000 seats in this year and strives to form a scale with 100,000 seats. Currently, Guiyang has signed near 100 service outsourcing & call center industrial projects, introduced some famous enterprises in China such as Alibaba Financial and, set up a series of symbolized projects including Guiyang call center and service outsourcing industrial demonstration base, HP cross-border e-commerce service outsourcing industrial bases.

From finishing degree in each district, it is seen that the development of call center industry in Guanshanhu District leads all the way in Guiyang. In the first half of this year, Guanshanhu District has accumulatively set up and built 10,200 seats. Among them, Guanshanhu Big Data Center, Guizhou Tiantian Intelligence Industrial Park and Douguan Service Outsourcing & Call Center Comprehensive Industrial Park as well as other projects will be delivered and beginning to operate in this year; it will have a scale of 16,200 seats of call center in this district in the end of this year.

According to development plan of relevant industries in Guiyang, with the background of a scale of 100,000 seats of call center industry that will be reached in 2015, Guiyang will form a call center industrial group that has more than 200,000 seats in 2017, which can drive 500,000 people to work. According to decomposition of the targeted mission, the scale of call center industry in Guanhushan district will reach 60,000 seats in 2017; call center industry in Qingzhen town and Wudang district will reach 30,000 seats; the industry in Economic Development district and Huaxi district will reach 20,000 seats.

Guiyang will organize a unified assessment determined by finishing situation of targeted mission for call center industrial scale in each district (town and country).

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