Service Outsourcing of Guangzhou Wins Four Consecutive Championships in South China
Source: View: 212 Date: 2015-10-10

In the first eight months of 2015, service trade and service outsourcing in Guangzhou have accomplished double-digit growth. The export amount of service trade has reached 18.18 billion USD, which is the No.4 in China. The amount of service outsourcing contract reached 7.38 billion USD, which has been the No.1 in South China for 4 years successively. In October 10th, 2015, Guangzhou hosted Work Conference of Service Trade and Service Outsourcing in 2015; Cai Chaolin, the deputy mayor of Guangzhou attended this conference and made a speech.

According to introduction, in 2014, import and export amount of service trade in Guangzhou reached 24.36 billion USD, which increasing 22.5% year-on-year. Compared with proportion of goods is 1:5, the scale kept leading position in China. During the period from January to August, it is expected that import and export amount of service trade in Guangzhou will be 18.18 billion USD, which increasing 12. The total amount will be No.4 among all cities in China. The number of service trade enterprises will increase to 8,000.

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