Jiangsu Builds South of Jiangsu International Service Outsourcing Industrial Belt
Source: www.senn.com.cn View: 201 Date: 2015-10-14

Reporter recently achieved information in The 8th China International Service Cooperation Conference that until 2014, the implementation amount of service outsourcing in Jiangsu province has been No.1 in China for 7 years successively. Jiangsu based on leading from three national service outsourcing demonstration parks (Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi) will build South of Jiangsu International Service Outsourcing Industrial Belt with main development direction of KPO.

According to introduction, as national service outsourcing demonstration city, the implementation amount of service outsourcing in Nanjing has reached 7.34 billion USD via implementing “One Road & One Belt” strategy of China, based on advantages of talent, science and education as well as transformation with high additional value, which has become No.1 among cities in China.

According to introduction, the meaning of KPO is to achieve huge amount of information from global database, regulatory institutions to provide referential experience via big data analysis for customers’ management and decision. The detailed process is to achieve data-to research and process-to sell to consultant companies, research companies or terminal customers. KPO is an important direction of transformation and upgrading for Jiangsu service outsourcing industry in future; meanwhile, will promote manufacturing and other traditional industrial transformation in Jiangsu to lead R & D and production via market.

Da Jiaxiang, the vice director of Jiangsu provincial Commerce Department and Jiangsu Sub-Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade said that Jiangsu will regularly publish guide directory of main development area in service outsourcing to advocate service outsourcing enterprises to launch new service outsourcing businesses based on big data, things of internet, mobile internet and cloud computing, to bear crowdsourcing and other service outsourcing new business forms, and to form new growing point of service outsourcing industrial development. Jiangsu will also establish evaluation system, take features of industry and platform as important indexes of performance evaluation, actively promote outsourcing parks to go the road of featured development, and continually increase whole competitive advantages of South of Jiangsu International Service Outsourcing Industrial Belt.

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