The Main Battlefield of Double “11” Transfers in Beijing & Ma Yun Finishes the First Order with 38,888 RMB
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At afternoon of October 13th, 2015, in Xi’xi Park of Alibaba, a Mercedes-Benz with black license of “Hu A Ling” rarely appeared in office place. Ma Yun with Cai Chongxin, Zhang Yong and other people started global carnival of “Double 11” in 2015. Many leaderships of Alibaba attended that has never happened after Alibaba listed.

After excitement of total trade amount with 57.1 billion RMB only in November 11th of 2014, it is not main aim for Alibaba to update data of GMV in 2015, but to focus on “Buy Global and Sell Global”. That will let “Double 11” in 2015 become a test water for “serving 2 billion consumers in global in future”, and also is an international card for global consumers to understand China’s e-commerce platform.

In the park, there is a special place for showing fresh products from different countries. Ma Yun finished the first order with 38888 RMB of “Double 11” in 2015 via telephone scanning to buy Bluefin tuna come from Japan. Fresh product will be the one of biggest light points for “Double 11” in 2015.

The main battlefield of “Double 11” in 2015 will be in Beijing. Zhang Yong, the CEO of Alibaba firstly interprets the meaning of “Go North All the Way” strategy from Alibaba. Under big direction of global strategy, Beijing with huge international influence will be the best starting point for Alibaba to go aboard.

Globalization & “Millions of Goods to China”

According to introduction from people in Consulate of Chile, currently there are 67% of economic GDP in Chile related with foreign trade; among them, e-commerce is an important part of economics. On the eve of Christmas in 2014, there were 4 million orders of express packages in Chile coming from Asia; half of them came from Alibaba in China. The demands of consumers in Chile promoted local government to solve logistics problem of e-commerce.

For “Double 11” in 2014, there were 217 countries and locations accomplishing transaction on Alibaba platform. Compared with and other export platforms, was more popular during the period of “Double 11”. On the day of starting “Double 11”, Japanese Kao located on to export Kao paper diaper and other popular products for China mainland via mode of bonded import.

Takeuchi, the representative director of Kao Corporation said when he interviewed by reporter that currently Kao Corporation is making cross-border e-commercial sale via; different from Kao China, mainly sells products made in Japan and their prices will be decided according to market situation. According to introduction from consumers, reporter from understood that Kao paper diaper is mainly produced in China mainland, Taiwan and Japan; and the price sold in China’s e-commercial platform in the past was higher than sold in Japan.

The main aim of “Double 11” in 2015 is globalization, there will be more than 40000 merchants, more than 30000 brands and 6 million kinds of goods selling; among them, there will be more  than 5000 overseas famous brands coming from 25 countries and locations such as USA, EU, Japan, Korea and etc. For example, Costco, Metro, Macy’s and other overseas big retailers will attend the “Double 11” in 2015.

Zhang Yong said “globalization will be the most important topic for ‘Double 11’ in 2015 and even in future. If consumers open or, they will find global products more attractive than discount.”

Cold-Chain Logistics will Face Test

In the evening of October 13th, 2015, Ma Yun with envoys from 39 countries visited fresh products exhibition in Alibaba Park, and pleasantly scanning Qr code with mobile phone to buy a Bluefin tuna with 38888 RMB that imported from Japan and had weight of 46 kg, which was also the first order of “Double 11” in 2015. Currently, same kind of Bluefin tuna also started pre-order of “Double 11” in 2015.

The meaning of Ma Yun scanning fresh products is that “Double 11” in 2015 will mainly promote fresh products. At the scene, Alibaba signed contracts with hundreds of fresh product industrial associations in global; the aim is to introduce more kinds of fresh products in China via “Double 11”.

Wang Miao, the marketing director of Apple Association, Washington, USA who was one of contractors said for reporter that the cooperation with (fresh product platform of Alibaba) increase 50% recognition from Chinese consumers for his brand. Currently, Gala belongs to Apple Association, Washington, USA has arrived in China via 17 days’ cold-chain logistics and started pre-order of “Double 11”. Consumers can track the place of origin of Gala through scanning Qr code.

Huang Aizhu, the general manager of Life Kuaixiao of indicated when she accepted interview by reporter that Alibaba adopted mode of branch warehouse to deploy fresh products in China to build storage in main sale places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Because of many fresh products adopting pre-order mode, Alibaba also can use bid data from consumers to anticipate professional sales of each product and to make distribution for logistics.

Industrial data showed that near 80% of bad evaluation from cross-border consumers is led by logistics problems, mainly focusing on loss of goods, long-time of distribution, non-transparent logistics information and difficultly enjoying security of exchange and returning; therefore, fresh products will more test competency of cold-chain logistics. Therefore, Cainiao promotes services of “easily protective tariff” “easily collection” for import businesses, and increase efficiency of logistics joint with customs and global cold-chain logistics service providers.

It is interesting that information of starting “Double 11” also inspires industrial competitors to compete in logistics level. publish information on the same day that during period of “Double 11” will provide subsidies policy of free warehouse distribution costs of JD for clothing stores to promote more clothing stores to choose and use warehouse and distribution services of JD. The aim is to ensure to provide high-efficient logistics service during the period of “Double 11” at the same time to provide better cost performance for users.

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