The Main Business Income of Software and Information Service Industry in Sichuan Province is 183.7 Billion RMB in the Period of January to August
Source: View: 218 Date: 2015-10-20

According to information published by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the detailed operation information of software and information service industry in Sichuan province from January to August is below:

A.      Overall Situation

In the first eight months of 2015, main business income of software and information business industry in Sichuan province is 183.7 billion RMB, which increasing 24.69% year-on-year; income of software business is 139.2 billion RMB, which increasing 16.55% y-o-y; the total amount of profit is 16.5 billion RMB, which increasing 15.8%; total amount of tax is 5.51 billion RMB, which increasing 11.27&% year-on-year; export amount of software business is 850 million RMB, which increasing 6.3%; the added value is 66.1 billion RMB, which increasing 15.16%. The whole industry keeps stable growth.

According to “The Completion Table of Main Economical Index for Software and Information Technology Service Industry in the First Eight Months of 2015” published by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the software business income of Sichuan province is the No.8 in China. Jiangsu and Guangdong are beyond 400 billion RMB; Beijing beyond 300 billion RMB; Liaoning, Shandong and Shanghai beyond 200 billion RMB; Zhejiang, Sichuan and Fujian beyond 100 billion RMB. Among the first ten provinces (cities) in income list, Sichuan province rapidly raises the No.7. Chengdu has become No.4 of range of software income among deputy provincial cities in China.

B.      Situation of Each Field

The income of software products in Sichuan province is 54.96 billion RMB, which increasing 18.62% year-on-year; among them, income of information security products is 5 billion RMB, which increasing 6.63%; income of information technology service is 81.8 billion RMB, which increasing 12.41% y-o-y. Among them, income of operation service is 5.6 billion RMB, which increasing 12.2% year-on-year; income of e-commerce platform service is 9.83 billion RMB, which increasing 13.09% y-o-y; income of integrated design is 3.76 billion RMB, which increasing 0.43% year-on-year; income of embedded software is 2.85 billion RMB, which increasing 307.62% year-on-year.

C.      Situation of Each City

The distribution of software industry in whole province always shows highly gathering trend and mainly concentrates on Chengdu and Mianyang. According to data from annual report in 2014, income of main businesses in Chengdu accounts for 96.2% of total amount of Sichuan province; income of software business accounts for 96.6% of total amount of whole province; income of main businesses in Mianyag accounts for 3.6% of total amount in Sichuan province; income of software business accounts for 3% of total amount of whole province. Deyang, Neijing, Leshan, Meishan, Luzhou and other cities have small proportion. From January to August of 2015, proportion in Chengdu has small increased: income of main businesses and software account for 97% and 97.4% of total amount in Sichuan province respectively; income of main businesses and software in Mianyang account for 2.6% and 2.3% of total amount in whole province respectively.

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