In Next Five Years, Talent Gap of Service Outsourcing in Nanjing will Reach 200,000
Source: View: 210 Date: 2015-09-24

On September 23rd, the special activity of the 8th China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference –The Fair of Supply and Demand of Service Outsourcing Talent has been held. According to information achieved by reporter, in recent years the service outsourcing in Nanjing has rapidly developed; the demand of service outsourcing talent also has been bigger and bigger. In next five years, the talent gap of service outsourcing in Nanjing will reach more than 200000 people.

According to introduction from relative director of Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Nanjing is one of first batch of China’s service outsourcing demonstration city approved by the State of Council. In recent years, each indicator of service outsourcing in Nanjing keeps rapid growth; implementation amount of service outsourcing always keeps leading positioning in China. In 2014, implementation amount of service outsourcing in Nanjing has reached 11.45 billion USD, which increasing 32.3% year-on-year and accounting for 36.9% of total amount in Nanjing.

"Talent is core and key element of service outsourcing industrial development; and plays decisive functions for upgrading and development of whole industry” said by this director. Until the end of 2014, employees of service outsourcing enterprises in Nanjing has been 30900 people; among them, there were 24200 people graduated from colleges and universities, which accounting for 78.4%. However, currently, service outsourcing in Nanjing still keeps larger talent gap and have more general talents less leading talents; have more operation applied talents less R & D creative talents; most of service outsourcing enterprises lack of high-end R & D talent.

Liu Bing, the president of Archermind (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. that is famous international service outsourcing enterprise in Jiangsu province has deep experience for that. “For example, for employment, it is relatively easier to employ primary talents but is slower to employ junior and senior talents. In the past, we can employ enough talents only for three months; however, now we always need four or five months.” Liu Bing said that total number of employees in company has reached near 3000; while they still have strong demands for talent. Therefore, beside internal talent training system, Archermind also rapidly promotes talent cooperation between universities and enterprises as well as training insitutions.

"We have three models of talent cooperation with universities and colleges” said by Liu Bing. The first one is order talent cultivation mode that means students after graduation can directly work in Archermind. The second one is to build platform and to introduce talents directionally; for example, Archermind cooperates with Nanjing University of Post ad Telecommunication to co-build graduate student working station to attract excellent graduates from universities to be trainees and to work in this company finally. The third one is to hire college group and development personnel of company to work together and to solve key technological point of project.

Some colleges and universities in Nanjing also aim at this opportunity to greatly support cultivation of service outsourcing talents that has obvious results. Feng Nianhua, the deputy headmaster of Jinling Institute of Technology introduced that currently, there are near 500 students in software engineering at grade 2012, and all of them have been employed by more than 40 service outsourcing enterprises such as Shanghai Yaxin, Nanjing Yaxin, Fujitsu, Nanjing Huawei and etc.

In the fair of supply and demand of service outsourcing talent held in September 23rd of 2015, some colleges and universities in Nanjing signed talent cooperation projects with enterprises, covering talent training, employment of college students and student practices.

Besides that, municipal bureau of commerce promoted Wechat account of Service Outsourcing Talent Association in September 23rd that will provide more convenient industrial information, abundant talent demands and cooperation opportunities for service outsourcing enterprises, colleges and universities, training institutions, human resources institutions and other members of association to help and promote development of service outsourcing and industry in Nanjing.

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