Offshore Service Outsourcing Business of Xiamen Reaches Close 1 Billion USD in the First Three Quarters
Source: View: 296 Date: 2015-10-26

Reporter achieved information from Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce in October 25th, the latest statistic data shows that service outsourcing business in Xiamen keeps rapid growth in the first three quarters, amount of offshore service outsourcing contract reaches 968 million USD, implementation amount is 889 million USD, which increasing 21.5% and 30.9% respectively.

According to introduction, recently Xiamen has established “Xiamen (Haicang) Service Outsourcing Industrial Park” and “National Youth Innovation& Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs Base Cross Taiwan Strait” in China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone to promote collection and innovative development of small & medium-size enterprises. Xiamen also newly introduces 21 service outsourcing enterprise projects represented by Nestlé R & D, introduces and cultivates 3500 service outsourcing talents.

Meanwhile, policy support is increasing. Since beginning of 2015, Xiamen has applied total amount of 15.41 million RMB of special fund for national service outsourcing and technological exports, has cashed municipal service outsourcing special fund of 11.91 million RMB in 2015, and has identified, reviewed and passed 26 enterprises to achieve preferential policy of income tax and provided more than 100 times offshore service outsourcing exempting from VAT for 20 enterprises.

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