"Internet +“ Drives New Development of Service Outsourcing Platformization Will Become the New Trend
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According to the newest data of the Ministry of Commerce, from January to September of 2015, the amount of service outsourcing contracts undertaken by China's enterprises has been 85.45 billion USD, the implementation value has been 61.5 billion USD, up by 16.4% and 12.8% year-on-year respectively. In recent years, China's service outsourcing market has always maintained a steady growth, especially after the implementation of "Internet +" strategy, the potentiality of service outsourcing market has been further explored, the types and fields of service outsourcing have been rapidly expanded. Especially for the onshore market, China's onshore service outsourcing market gets development at top speed driven by "Internet +". From January to May, the amount of China's onshore service outsourcing has been 16.14 billion USD, which increasing 24.8% year-on-year, the implementation value has been 10.63 billion USD, which increasing 21.7% year-on-year, higher than that of offshore service outsourcing at the same period.

While the service outsourcing market keeps rapid development, due to the integration with Internet, a new form of service outsourcing in the era of "Internet +" is also gradually spread, that is, the integrated offline human resources and service resources are released by the internet platform and connected to the served object, and then generate services. This is a concrete manifestation of the Internet + service.

Which Is the Difference of Internet + Service Outsourcing between Crowdsourcing?

When mentioning the Internet + service outsourcing, another concept has to be mentioned that is crowdsourcing. The crowdsourcing platforms, represented by zhubajie.com, sprang up like mushrooms in the past few years in China, and got a huge development. In June 2015, zhubajie.com announced that it got a huge investment of 2.6 billion RMB, which creating the largest financing of internet service trading platform in China. Then whether the Internet + service outsourcing is crowdsourcing or not?

The Internet + service outsourcing is different from crowdsourcing. Although both are based on the internet, there exists huge differences in the form of outsourcing and service supplying. The writer thinks that crowdsourcing refers to a kind of form which outsourcers release consignation in public on the platform, given solutions and bid by public, select the ideal solution among these. While the Internet + service outsourcing is still using the form which outsourcer and service supplier contact each other, and achieve cooperation, and then service supplier provides solution. Because crowdsourcing needs the public to directly provide solutions for the outsourcers to choose, this in fact is a buyer's market, supply exceeds demand in the market, the outsourcers can get huge amount of solutions and use outstanding ones. However the public contribute the solutions they cannot necessarily get paid. Therefore the form of crowdsourcing is not suitable for a wide range of service markets, it is limited to some service markets with lower costs, such as the cultural and creative field. Zhubajie.com just benefits from this and gets great development. Of course, with the increasing costs of cultural and creative field, the form of crowdsourcing can't be met, so zhubajie.com also supports the form which the outsourcers and service suppliers contact each other, and achieve cooperation, and then service suppliers provide solutions. Although zhubajie.com is now known as the crowdsourcing platform, in fact, the crowdsourcing is only one of the forms of the platform, the crowdsourcing which they call is probably the generalized public service supplying.

What Are the Advantages of Internet + Service Outsourcing?

Ⅰ. Solve the Information Asymmetry Open Up the Channels of Outsourcers and Service Suppliers

No matter the service outsourcing enterprises which are in a dilemma that they have resources but can't find served objects; or they lack service resources when facing the service demand, or the service demanding enterprises which lack human resources or technological resources but do not know where to find the service providers, in the effect of the internet, the situation of information asymmetry has been broken, the contacting channels between them greatly increase.

Ⅱ. Optimize Resource Allocation Strengthen Social Cooperation

Integrate the human resources with service resources all over the country through the service outsourcing platform, then the outsourcers seek ideal service suppliers through the platform to further promote the optimal allocation of resources between industries and between regions. The human costs of eastern coastal areas are high, parts of services can be entrusted to the central and western regions which have lower human costs but with the same level of technology. The manufacturing enterprises in Henan province can entrust the after-sales service of Hebei province to the local service providers, so as to reduce the human costs of expatriate workers. The optimal allocation of resources will promote the further improvement of economic efficiency.

Ⅲ. Further Promote the Traditional Enterprises to Reform Promote the Industrial Innovation

Internet + service outsourcing greatly strengthens the possibility which could be expanded by the served sides on the basis of optimizing the allocation of resources, especially for the traditional enterprises and micro & small enterprises, through the Internet + service outsourcing, it can not only supplement their technical weak point and weak point of human resources, at the same time also can promote them to further integrate with the internet through the service outsourcing platforms and other IT outsourcing businesses, promote these traditional enterprises and micro & small enterprises to reform and upgrade.

What's the Current Situation of Internet + Service Outsourcing?

Under the internal and external pressure of human costs and international competition, the process of China's service outsourcing industry to integrate into Internet + goes faster. By analyzing the outsourcing market from January to August in 2015, the Ministry of Commerce finds that, with widespread use of the internet cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, the core driving force of China's service outsourcing has changed from reducing costs to cooperating, co-creating and sharing value by outsourcers and service suppliers; service outsourcing and manufacturing industry and other traditional industries are constantly deepening and integrating, some parts of manufacturing industries change some sectors with strong strength into professional service providers, providing professional services such as online orders, online payment, logistics delivery for traditional enterprises, new form of business of e-commerce outsourcing emerges as the times require. A batch of new types of service outsourcing platforms begin to grow in the tide of Internet +. For example, www.wshzg.com, which ran on line in September 2014, is a platform oriented in comprehensive technical service trade. The platform absorbs engineers and technicians all over the country and enterprises which undertake technical outsourcing to enter this platform to provide various technical services. After more than one year's development, this platform currently has developed tens of thousands of engineers and technicians as well as a large number of service supplying enterprises.

What Is the Trend of Internet + Service Outsourcing in the Future?

At "Platformization Drives Regional Economy and Enterprise Transformation and Upgradation and Development Forum", held in June 2015, the attending government leaders, IT and outsourcing industry experts at home and abroad, senior managers of enterprises all think that the "Platformization" of service outsourcing will become the new trend for constantly promoting the development and innovation of service outsourcing industry, driving the development of regional economy.

Currently there are small amounts of service outsourcing platforms at domestic, mainly base on the outsourcing platforms built by the government and IT outsourcing platforms operated by parts of enterprises, the number of the comprehensive service outsourcing platforms, just like www.wshzg.com, is even less. The industrial experts think, due to the complexity and uniqueness of trading products, trading delivery, quality evaluation, trading links and trading ways of service outsourcing, that the service outsourcing association and the alliance are not able to be qualified platform operators because of lacking platform operation capability and experience, although the government agencies at all levels have strong control and influence on the industrial resources, the professional service team and project trading management are lacked, therefore, only enterprises can operate service outsourcing electronic platform and promote the development of industrial platformization. There may be more service outsourcing platforms getting into the ocean sea of Internet + service outsourcing in the future.

"Even if there will be more service outsourcing platforms in the future, www.wshzg.com seizes the opportunity and will keep sustainable development, www.wshzg.com will still be in the lead in the field of Internet + service outsourcing in the future," Yang Guojian, CEO of www.wshzg.com, said, "In the future, www.wshzg.com will further absorb service providers, and build ecological system of service market, gradually make www.wshzg.com become the largest technical service market in China".

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