Shanghai will Build a Unified Supervision Platform of the Cross-Border E-commerce
Source: View: 252 Date: 2015-11-17

During the period of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", Shanghai will focus on building the "International Consumer City", achieve to buy things which are "Bought from China" and "Bought from the world" in Shanghai. The Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Shang Yuying said at the press conference held by Shanghai Municipal Government yesterday.

At present, Shanghai is building "Four Centers" of international economy, finance, trade, etc. Shang Yuying said, "The international trade center is generally the international consumer city, such as Hong Kong, Singapore." During the period of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", Shanghai will take the construction of the "International Consumer City" as the goal, focus on gathering the international well-known consumer brands, create business street and business circle as well as brand activity with international influence."

Shang Yuying analyzes that, on the aspect of building the "International Consumer City", Shanghai has a certain foundation. For example, the import amount of consumer goods of Shanghai in 2014 has been 34.5 billion USD, with an increase of 65.9% than 2010, the import amount accounts for about 30% of that of China, it has become the biggest collecting and distributing area of import consumer goods in China. Besides, Shanghai has profound business culture and business tradition, it is developing refined, high-quality life service industry, in order to improve the comfort and convenience of city life.

In the international consumption, the rapid rise of cross-border e-commerce has become a trend. Shanghai is one of the first pilot cities of cross-border e-commerce in China, it opened the first service platform of cross-border e-commerce in China in 2013, that is, providing centralized bonded storage and customs supervision services for each cross-border e-commerce supplier, promoting "Haitao" to develop towards the direction of standardization. However, with the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the government is deliberating on the new promotion measures.

Shang Yuying introduces that Shanghai will allow each large cross-border e-commerce supplier to build separate bonded warehouse. For the convenience of customs supervision, Shanghai will be funded by finance to build a unified, fully third-party supervision platform of cross-border e-commerce, provide public welfare service for each large e-commerce supplier, and also ensure the data security of each e-commerce supplier in the spare time of standardizing industry. "It is expected that this platform will be finished after two months, at that time it will promote the development of cross-border e-commerce of Shanghai into a new fast lane."

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