The State of Council Supports “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” Serial Encyclopedia: Which Preferential Policies Does College Students Can Enjoy In Process of Entrepreneurship?
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Entrepreneurship is not a patent for minority but a choice for majority and even a better one for college students.

In the finals of The First China “Internet +” College Students Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, Li Keqiang, the prime minister indicated “college student is fresh power to implement innovation driving development strategy and to promote public entrepreneurship & people’s innovation.” On April 21st and June 10th of 2015, the content with supporting entrepreneurship of college students has been mentioned twice in executive meeting of the State of Council.

From now, the new media form of will promote “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” serial Encyclopedia supported by the State of Council and interpret in details for different entrepreneurship groups and different problems.

For these youngest who just graduate from universities and have dreams of entrepreneurship, how they start their own businesses? Which preferential policies the State of Council will provide for them? All is in the first phase of “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” serial encyclopedia.

1.       The Type of Main Bodies of College Students in Independent Entrepreneurship Market

1)         Individual Business

2)         A Sole Proprietorship Enterprise

3)         Limited Liability Company

4)         Partnership

5)         Farmers’ Professional Cooperative

2.       Entrepreneurship Preferential Policies

1)       Tax Incentives

College students with “Certificate of Employment and Entrepreneurship” provided by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security who start individual industrial & commercial enterprise or sole proprietorship in graduation year, will enjoy preferences of reducing business tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education added-tax and individual income taxes in proper order, according to limitation of 8,000 RMB each household per year within three years.

Small and micro-profit enterprises founded by college students can enjoy tax support policy according to national regulation.

2)       Entrepreneurship Guaranteed Loan and Discount

College students, who fit for requirements and start their own businesses independently, can apply entrepreneurship guaranteed loan in entrepreneurship place; the loan limit is 100,000 RMB.

Encourage finance institution to share situation according to basic interest rate of loan, combining with risks, to reasonably ensure interest rate of loan, to provide entrepreneurship guaranteed loan for individuals. Entrepreneurship guaranteed loan floating within 3% of loan basic interest rate will be subsidized by fiscal department.

3)       Freely Charge Relative Administrative Affairs Fees

Common college students graduated from university within two years who engage with individual management (excluding industries limited by China), since firstly registered in industrial and commercial department, they can enjoy freely relative administrative fees such as management, registration and certification for three years.

4)       Entrepreneurship Guaranteed Loan and Subsidy

The State of Council will provide one year’s social security subsidies for college students who graduated in that year and employed by micro & small enterprises that organized by college students and have signed more than one year’s labor contract and paid social insurances.

The State of Council will provide training subsidy for college students who participate entrepreneurship training in graduation year (12 months from July of the year before graduation), according to their entrepreneurship training qualification or employment/entrepreneurship.

5)       Free Entrepreneurship Service

College students who want to start their own business can freely achieve entrepreneurship guidance services provided by public employment and talent service institution, including policy consultant, information service, project development, risk evaluation, practice guidance, financing service, trace support and other “a dragon” entrepreneurship services.

6)       Cancel Settlement Limitation of College Graduates

College graduates can handle settlement process in entrepreneurship places (municipalities directly under the central government can implement according to relative regulations)

7)       Innovative Talent Cultivation

Entrepreneurship students can enjoy “excellent planning”, coordinated science & education cultivation planning implemented by each college and university in each place; meanwhile, enjoy cross-curriculum and innovation & entrepreneurship education classes organized by interdisciplinary majors, and explore and build new system of cross-cultivating innovation & entrepreneurship talents with inter-disciplinary, inter-classes, and inter-majors.

8)       Set Up Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Class

College students who independently start their own business can enjoy abundant professional courses and innovation & entrepreneurship education resources explored by each college and university, and complimentary classes such as research method, academic frontier, entrepreneurship bases, employment & entrepreneurship guidance and optional courses developed and set up for all students; enjoy MOOCs, video opening classes and other online opening courses resources shared by each place and each college & university, as well as online opening course learning certificate and credit certificate system.

9)       Improve Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practices

College students who independently start their own businesses can share college science & technology parks, entrepreneurship parks, entrepreneurship hatching bases, engineering research center of ministry of education, each laboratory, education equipment and instrument and other science & technology innovative resources and experience education platform developed and set up by colleges and universities for all students. College students also can participate Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition of College Students in China, National Vocational Students Skills Competition, and each science & technology innovation, creative design, entrepreneurship planning and other topic competitions, as well as innovation & entrepreneurship associations, entrepreneurship clubs and other social groups set up by college students to improve innovation & entrepreneurship practice abilities.

10)   Reform Teaching System

College students who independently start their business can enjoy innovation & entrepreneurship credit accumulation and transferring system established by each college and university that convert innovative experiences launched by students, paper published by students, patent achieved by students and independent entrepreneurship as credits; as well as certificate courses research, project experiences participated by students as new explorations of course learning.

At the same time, college students can enjoy innovation & entrepreneurship ability cultivation planning made for willing and potential students. Innovation & entrepreneurship files, transcript and other series objectively record, quantize and asset teaching & practice activities of innovation & entrepreneurship activity launched by students to priority support students who attend entrepreneurship to transfer relative majors.

11)   Improve Student Status Management Regulations

College students who independently start their own businesses can enjoy flexible educational system implemented by colleges and universities, to release length of study of students, to allow adjusting learning process, keeping student status, suspension, innovation & entrepreneurship and other management regulations.

12)   College Students Entrepreneurship Guidance Service

College students who independently start their own businesses can enjoy continuous support, full-period instruction, and one-step service implemented by each college and university in each place; national policies, market trend and other information real-time provided by government & university information service platforms, and entrepreneurship project connection, IP trade as well as other services. They can also enjoy college student entrepreneurship hatching bases, relative trainings, guidance services and other support polices built according to local features, based on fully playing function of entrepreneurship hatching bases.

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