Ministry of Commerce: To Stem Infringement and Fake Behaviors in the Field of Internet within Three Years
Source: View: 212 Date: 2015-11-18

E-commerce promotion scale of “Double 11” in 2015 has hit a new high and achieved more population of the public. The trade amount of Tmall and Taobao has exceeded 91.2 billion RMB, which increasing 59.7% year-on-year; JD also reached 32 million orders on November 11th of 2015, which increasing 130% y-o-y; the order of also has increased 358% year-on-year.

Ministry of Commerce indicates that “Double 11” in 2015 appeared many new highlights made surprises for global market: one is to expend promotion activities overseas that even affected world. The situation of global buying and global selling was populated by global customers. Two is to fully release consumption potentials in rural market. 30% orders in category of major appliances came from following areas at the country level. Three is further integration trends between online and offline. All China including 180,000 merchants in 330 cities have tried whole channel marketing at different level to participate “Double 11” promotion activities. Four is improvement of support capacity of e-commerce platform promoted by technological application innovations. Processing capacity of payment system reached 85900 orders per second; real-time forecast precision and express mail precision of logistics system also have been greatly improved.

Of course, when achieve highlights; Ministry of Commerce also notices some problems behind “Double 11” such as fake and inferior commodities, advanced position of large platform, consumer right protection, reality of promotion and propaganda, and market floating whether made by human beings; all of problems shall be highly paid attention by e-commerce practitioners and government as well as market regulatory departments who must make measurements to guard against these problems.

“Ministry of Commerce has set up an office to professional crack down on infringement and fake behaviors. Since the year of 2014, the office cooperating with 14 member organizations has launched specific activities and achieved phased results via promoting real-name system in internet, strengthening online monitoring, regulating operation behaviors, checking illegal websites, publishing warning list of main TV & movie productions” said by Shen Danyang. Ministry of Commerce also drafted “The Opinions of Managing Infringement and Fake Behaviors in the Field of Internet” (referred as to “The Opinions”) that has been implemented by the general office of the State of Council. “The Opinions” clarifies 14 missions in four aspects, and plans to efficiently crack down on infringement and fake behaviors in the field of internet within 3 years. Main content includes standing out main points of regulatory, such as health, food, medicine, and cosmetics, medical apparatus and instruments, electric and electronic products, and auto parts currently more focused by the public; and also includes internet infringement and piracy focused by consumers, which are main points of management.

Besides that, Shen Danyang emphasized that precaution of infringement and piracy is not only depended on governments; enterprises also have same responsibility. Clearly required e-commerce platform enterprises to strengthen qualification check for network operators, network service providers to implement obligations of notices and deleting; improve coordination and cooperation system, strengthen connection of law enforcement and judiciary, strengthen cross-area & cross-department & multinational coordination and cooperation between governments and enterprises, and improve information notification system for new features of network trade. Strengthen supervision of public opinions and research new regulatory measurement for new problems such as selling fake commodities via Wechat and Weibo including publishing blacklist of unreliable enterprises. Prepare building “blacklist” data bases of infringement and fake behaviors in China, based on publishing case information, to real-time provide query services for society and the public.

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