The Platform Growth Pathway of the 4.0 Industrial Park – The New Concept Put Forward by Ms. Sherry Sha in 2015 China’s Industrial Park Submit
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On November 16th, 2015, The China’s Industrial Park Submit in 2015 jointly organized by Shanghai Federation of Economic Organization & Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economic and China’s Industrial Park Development Innovation Association & Decision-Makers Conference Group has been held in Shanghai. The main aim of this submit is to discuss transformation road of China’s industrial parks; meanwhile, gathers multi areas of parks to co-discuss development road of industrial parks from introduction to investment and settlement. Ms. Sherry Sha, the vice president of Devott has been invited to participate this submit and made an important speech.

Ms. Sherry Sha, the Vice President of Devott

Lead by Ms. Sherry Sha, all of guests firstly reviewed the thirty years’ evolution of China’s industrial parks, and indicated the basic features of industrial parks and huge changes of development pathway. Especially, with C2B era coming, as demand side of industrial parks, the public & enterprises & governments have respectively put forward new requirements from residence life, operation development, city development and other dimensions for parks’ development. This promotes us to rethink and define the nature of industrial parks. Mrs. Sha clearly said that China’s industrial park has transited from the 1.0 industrial park, the 2.0 science & technology park, the 3.0 commercial park to the 4.0 stage that doesn’t depend on construction and rent of physical carriers; but gathers information, capital, talent, technology and other industrial elements to support industrial development platform, which reflects construction of industrial public service platform and operation capacity in details. At the same time, operation of the 4.0 industrial park also needs to transfer from focusing on introduction mode to development models focusing on internal training hatching and external introduction gathering. Especially, under layout of public entrepreneurship and people’s innovation, entrepreneurship & innovation hatching has become core breakthrough point.

In the speech, Ms. Sherry Sha also shared exploration and practices in the field of entrepreneurship & innovation from Devott – Kulifang Intelligent Enterprises Creator. She indicated that innovation brought by entrepreneurship is a big probability event for China, and is also a great probability event for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities. However, succeed of entrepreneurship is a small probability event for enterprises; hatching enterprises in early stage successfully is also a small probability event for most locations and incubators. While, to inspire local innovativeness via cultivating and hatching innovative enterprises; to drive regional traditional industrial upgrading; to rapidly develop emerging industries and talent form & gathering are big probability events for regional hatching successfully. Therefore, the nature and important points of regional entrepreneurship & innovation hatching should focus on hatching industry. This is also core feature of Kulifang different from general incubators. Kuliang focuses on innovation and hatching of industrial chain to build hatching succeed of cities and parks, which is a big probability event.

The Site of Submit

Kulifang based on strong industrial resources and influences from Devott, innovative mode of “entity hatching + virtual hatching”, organically combines physical carriers with virtual platform, concentrating on “consultant, capital and resources” – 3Z featured value-added rapid hatching services, focusing on innovation of industrial chain & cultivating specific innovative elements that provides full life-cycle solutions for entrepreneurship & innovation enterprises. Ms. Sherry Sha interpreted services of Kulifang with two vivid examples. In the aspect of administrative support for enterprises, the public front desk of Kulifang will provide gold card of members of all express hotels in China; in aspect of road-show guidance, Kulifang can provide professional trainings for each page of PPT and body language of speakers. Different from general incubators and “nanny” external consultant and guidance services of parks, Kulifang will build service system with intervention and sinking style that shares their own design (business models design, graphic packaging design), tax, finances, personnel matter and other capacities to settling enterprises; lets enterprises rapidly verify business models, adjust business models and accomplish precise and good entrepreneurship with lighter entrepreneurship model in market and capital. Kulifang will provide love from brothers for entrepreneurs to grow together.

Based on this core enterprise service ability, Kulifang can quickly accomplish connection with industrial buildings and parks. In the aspect of industrial building, Kulifang can rapidly connect with inputting industrial contents, increase rent rate, revitalize buildings and drive construction of business cycle. In the aspect of parks, Kulifang can also rapidly input industrial element system, gather human resources, build industrial service platform and environment, and promote introduction of parks and abilities of service enterprises. Ms. Sherry Sha indicated “we focus on regional appreciation, but from the angle of market and enterprises, we micro focus on growth of enterprises, macro focus on hatching and development of industrial chain. We are innovative engine, introduction window and culture center of industrial development in parks.” Currently, Kulifang has rapidly settled and developed in Beiing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Dalian and other cities.

The opinions from Ms. Sherry Sha has surprised all guests in submit, and made atmosphere warmer and hotter. All guests shared their own ideas and made warm discussion about innovation and upgrading of parks.

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