The List of Top 20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China in 2015 – Still Strong Multinational Service Outsourcing Enterprise in “Cold Winter”
Source: View: 300 Date: 2015-11-25

On November 25th, the list of Top 20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China in 2015 (MNC TOP20) co-organized by Devott and has been published.

Devott according to enterprise outsourcing data in fiscal year of 2014 provided by participating enterprises, made professional assessment from enterprise scale, development speed, customers’ enterprises, width and depth of market development capacity, and service professionalism; then put forward final list below via comprehensive selection from experts and judges:

Since the year of 2014, with slow growth of economy in China, increasing cost of Chinese labors, fierce competition of local enterprises & e-commerce attacks in China, anti-monopoly investigation and political elements, multinational enterprises have entered into “cold winter” and “wave of disinvestment”. While multinational enterprises in China in the field of science & technology with excellent service ability, flexible market strategy and abundant practice experiences, based on “internet +” science & technology revolution in China rapidly develop, actively deal with each challenge and adverse factor to accomplish anti-trend development.

Mrs. Jane Chen, the director of MNC TOP20 & advisor of Devott introduces that the MNC TOP20 in 2015 has achieved more than 50 multinational enterprises’ registration from more than ten fields such as software outsourcing, IT service, call center, human resources outsourcing, and data processing, biological and medical areas. In the process of deeply investigating and evaluating multinational enterprises that participate this selection, we found that in past year, these enterprises showed six main features below:

1)       Stable business growth that is higher than industrial average level.

The total income of service outsourcing enterprises in MNC TOP20 in fiscal year of 2014 has averagely increased 48% that is 12.2% and 27.4% higher than contract amount and implementation amount of China’s service outsourcing in 2014 respectively; what’s more, employees in MNC TOP20 also have increased 30% averagely, profit rate increased 26% averagely, which is leading level in China’s outsourcing.

2)       Polarization – small & medium-size enterprises have outstanding performances.

We find that since the year of 2014, big multinational enterprises have stable growth, medium-size enterprises have rapid growth; while small enterprises have polarizations: double growth or a slight negative growth via comparison and analysis of total income and growth from participating multinational enterprises with different scale.

3)       To strengthen local cooperation & to deepen Chinese market.

Facing local competition in China, local protectionism and other challenges, multinational enterprises actively deal with all challenges and make relative strategy adjustment to deeply cooperate with local enterprises in China via cooperation and mergers & acquisitions, to integrate Chinese market and customer resources, to reasonably avoid local protectionism and qualification verification, and to fully deepen development of local market in China.

4)       Businesses in emerging location have outstanding performances.

According to investigation from Devott, currently, multinational enterprises in China still mainly gather in Beijing, Shanghai, and other first-tier cities; however, recently, with second & third-tier cities rising, most multinational enterprises have finished layout in Chengdu, Xi’an, Hefei, Qingdao, Changchu, Jilin, Wuxi and Kunming. Especially, businesses in middle west and northeast areas have obvious growth.

5)       Europe and America solid develop & India begins to develop & Japan transfers.

Multinational outsourcing enterprises have showed specific features of development with different countries in China. European and American enterprises are still in leading position based on abundant capital strength, good enterprises brands; also actively adjust development strategies in China when deal with this round of industrial revolution wave to frequently to cooperate with local enterprises, to develop middle west areas. While, Indian enterprises always with cautious attitude change their traditional styles and adjust strategies in China to improve market layout in China via mergers and acquisitions, cooperation and investment. Affected by domestic economic contraction, devaluation of YEN and other elements, Japanese enterprises actively try innovative transformation and breakthrough, and have active performances in relative activities of “One Belt & One Road” emerging market development.

6)       Emerging outsourcing destination and enterprises begin to make a figure.

With implementation of “One Belt & One Road” strategy, outsourcing enterprises from coastal emerging countries have become more and more active. This MNC TOP20 has also achieved high attention and participation from “One Belt & One Road” coastal emerging markets and enterprises. Although some enterprises not selected in the list, they also have good performances in development speed, solution and other indexes.

China’s service outsourcing accounts for 30% of global share, especially the huge domestic demand market has become important area mainly focused by multinational service outsourcing enterprises. For China’s service outsourcing, the whole scale always keeps growth; while, awareness and purchasing power of service outsourcing buyers in China have not been developed with not perfect law system and lacking of professional third-party service platform, it leads immature China’s service outsourcing industrial development. Multinational outsourcing enterprises with development results in China in recent years and abundant outsourcing experiences, & processing & management system play double roles of service providers and industrial tutors in leading China’s service outsourcing market and promoting industrial maturity. In next three years, the key words in the field of service outsourcing in China will still be cooperation and win-win; China is also an unchangeable topic for global service outsourcing.

The MNC TOP20 award ceremony will be held in DGITS in 2016. Welcome all enterprises to actively participate!

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