“Cool-College” from Cool-Cube Begins to Recruit Students
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Under big trend of continue development of social economy currently but negative employment situation, entrepreneurship naturally becomes new choice for college students. Li Keqiang, the prime minister once indicated “College students are fresh power to implement innovation-driving development strategy and to promote public entrepreneurship & people’s innovation.” Entrepreneurship is choice of majority, while succeed is the patent of minority. College students just graduated from universities have many difficulties in entrepreneurship, such as confusion for entrepreneurship direction, problem in capital collection, lacking of enterprises’ management experiences, difficultly finding entrepreneurship funds; thus how to get through the last one KM of entrepreneurship for college students?

Currently, Cool-Cube formally publishes recruitment of “Cool-College” that means to build college entrepreneurship hatching system with core content of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship activity and entrepreneurship practices to comprehensively help colleges students to start their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship Training: Cool-Cube will edit entrepreneurship tutoring curriculum into optional courses to provide customized and professional entrepreneurship training course for college students when they have problems in process of entrepreneurship, to help them to make choices, process in profess of entrepreneurship and to help them to deal with problems. In entrepreneurship training course of each semester, Cool-Cube will invite professional entrepreneurship tutors, experts, entrepreneurs to teach on site and to provide 1v1 professional guidance for entrepreneurship projects.

Entrepreneurship Activity: Cool-Cube will invite entrepreneurship giants to enter into college, to share and communicate with college students that will help entrepreneurship projects in colleges and universities to connect with capital and market via activities. Cool-Cube will invite professional tutors via organizing BP DAY, DEMO DAY and other activities to diagnose, research, discuss and guide collected college entrepreneurship projects on site, and to hold road-show training, propaganda and investor connection for entrepreneurship projects; will also organize college entrepreneurship competition and entrepreneurship & innovation selection to provide capital inspiration and deep hatching for award projects.

Entrepreneurship Practice: Cool-Cube build college incubator mainly for college students and social projects to mainly hatch entrepreneurship projects with prototypes. Projects from college students can be started with free cost; while social projects can be determined fees and investment according to project evaluation situation. Students can better understand concept and reality of entrepreneurship via participating more social projects. Based on operation carriers, introduce entrepreneurship service ability and resources from Cool-Cube, radiate regional entrepreneurship projects and resources. It also provides entrepreneurship angel fund to select, optimize, invest and hatch entrepreneurship projects from college students then to achieve more reasonable investment income.

Currently, the first recruitment from “Cool-College” has been published; the first direction is focusing on partners of college students, graduation entrepreneurship, suspension entrepreneurship and other entrepreneurship team with 3-6 people. This issue will total recruit 10 to 15 teams that will begin to study in January of 2016 and graduate in September. According to introduction, in order to solve problems faced by college students in business mode, product strategies, team building, management strategy, resource connection and financing strategy, in the first recruitment, Cool-Cube will provide professional fund with 10 million RMB to support entrepreneurship of college students. From now on, welcome all college students in Nanjing who have entrepreneurship dream to enter into “Cool-College” recruitment plan. In the road of entrepreneurship, Coollifag will go together.

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