Hebei Province Publishes Plan to Develop Ten Main Service Outsourcing Fields
Source: www.hebnews.cn View: 277 Date: 2015-11-26

Currently, the Commerce Department of Hebei Province publishes “The Implementation Schedule of Three Years’ Action Planning to Develop Service Outsourcing” and indicates that until the year of 2017, Hebei province will continually grasp construction of 8 service outsourcing demonstration parks and 20 industrial bases, increase to 22 demonstrative service outsourcing colleges, cultivate more than 60 service outsourcing independent brand enterprises, build 2 provincial service platforms, 13 city and county platforms and cultivate 1-2 international service outsourcing demonstration cities and 4 provincial demonstration cities.

In next three years, the aim of service outsourcing development in Hebei province is until the year of 2015, implementation amount of domestic service outsourcing strives for 16.7 billion RMB; among them, it will reach 13.8 billion RMB in 2015, 15.2 billion RMB in 2016. Until 2017, implementation amount of international service outsourcing will reach 1 billion USD; among them, it will reach 630 million USD in 2015, and 780 million USD in 2016.

Implementation Schedule Indicates Hebei Province Will Greatly Develop The Main Service Outsourcing Fields

Science & technology R & D service outsourcing. Grasp opportunities of Beijing releasing non-capital core functions outside; encourage colleges & universities, science research institutions and enterprises in Hebei province to cooperate with colleges and universities in Beijing to build R & D institutions and hatching platforms; undertake some important and big science & technology R & D projects of iron and steel industry in Hebei province such as technology upgrading, science and technology for haze, information of manufacturing industry, beidou navigation and etc.; and promote service outsourcing industry to develop middle & high-end level.

Internet data center service outsourcing

Based on advantages of appropriate climate conditions, abundant supply of green energy and less floods and other geological disasters in dam of Hebei province, actively introduce domestic and international telecommunication operators, third-party data centers and IT enterprises to invest and to build cloud computing and big data projects. Promote Chengde Big Data Industrial Core Entrepreneurship Park, Baoding “Cloud & Big & Mobile” (cloud computing, big data and mobile internet) industrial city constructions. Further strengthen and improve Langfang and Qinhuangdao cloud computing platforms to expand service outsourcing scale.

Software R & D service outsourcing

Based on current software industrial R & D bases in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Langfang and Qinhuangdao, mainly develop software development and test, operation maintenance, information system application service and telecommunication business consultant, system development and other service outsourcing.

Financial insurance service outsourcing

Greatly attract Beijing & Tianjin financial institutions backstage service; Langfang and Shijiazhuang try to build regional financial backstage service center; meanwhile, develop to high-end service fields of financial consultant, solutions, middle & backstage data processing, data exploration and analysis.

Cultural creativity service outsourcing

Rapidly build entrepreneurship hatching park of Shijiazhuang national animation industrial development base, Baoding animation industrial park; greatly develop 3D model outsourcing, international animation processing, original animation development, comic digitalized application, TV & movie special effects production, mobile phone entertainment, digital publishing, media backstage digital base and other emerging service outsourcing businesses.

Medicine R & D service outsourcing

Based on bases of pharmaceutical industry and advantages from relative pharmaceutical groups such as North Pharmaceutical Company and Yiling Pharmaceutical, mainly develop new medicine safety assessment, pharmacological efficacy, new preparation, clinical trials and other businesses fitting for international regulations to make pharmaceutical industrial service chain more perfect.

Logistics Service Outsourcing

Extend logistics service industrial chain of Hebei province, strengthen third-party logistics, improve information & standardized and professional level; rapidly develop logistics service outsourcing.

Tourism Service Outsourcing

Actively develop new tourism products; rapidly develop tourism of Winter Olympics, health tourism, pension tourism, food tourism, red tourism, geographic tourism and tourism conference service outsourcing.

E-Commerce Service Outsourcing

Encourage e-commerce enterprises to depute provincial professional outsourcing service providers with contract those providers can provide whole process or partly outsourcing services including e-commerce platform website construction, technological maintenance, logistics, operation promotion, customer contact and service, and after-sale service. Use cross-over e-commerce to expend offshore outsourcing business.

Governmental Public Service Outsourcing

Encourage each government to expend purchasing service area; support enterprises to explore outsourcing in fields of public services, transactional management service and economic service.

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