Great Promotion for Celebrating Curtain Ceremony of Cool-Cube Nanjing Base & Countdown of Entrepreneurship with Free Cost
Source: View: 251 Date: 2015-11-30

In September of 2015, the information of Cool-Cube settling in Nanjing made calmed entrepreneurship circle in Nanjing to be hot again; beside want to know what Cool-Cube will do, most of people want to really visit Cool-Cube base by themselves. Cool-Cube Nanjing Base will be formally operated in January of 2016, at that time; editor will open the mysterious veil of this high-quality incubator in advance.

Nanjing Cool-Cube Intelligent Enterprise Creator locates in headquarter building, Pukou District, Nanjing with convenient transportation closed with the station of Nanjing Tech University at No.10 subway line. It only needs 40 min to go Xin Jiekou from city center via subway with comprehensive set of transportation, and only needs 20 min to Hexi Wanda and other business center via public transport. There are 7 matured communities in the scope of 1000 km neighboring the building and a comprehensive school setting from kindergarten to middle school with perfect set of equipment. The whole area of Cool-Cube is 1700 km2 with exhibition hall, coffee bar, opening and detached office area, small-size road-show area, conference center, telephone bar and other functional areas, which can accommodate more than 200 to work at the same time. The whole floor is full of scene of science & technology and creativity that will provide a fashionable, intelligent, active, spring and warm atmosphere for you; besides that, abundant sunshine and wide window scene also provides a working atmosphere with full of passion and warm for entrepreneurs.

Of course, in order to welcome you, except above mentioned, Cool-Cube also provides a most important and practical gift bag for entrepreneurs – “double evaluation” premium service with 400,000 RMB. During the period of promotion, all excellent teams passed by Cool-Cube investment decision committee can use 5%-10% of micro stock equity to change Cool-Cube premium service with 400,000 RMB. Among them, the first five excellent teams will achieve “double-evaluation” provided by Cool-Cube that means enterprises can use 3%-5% of micro stock equity to change Cool-Cube premium service with 400,000 RMB. In this premium service, beside freely enjoy high-quality office space (relative fee of water, electronics and property management) and other basic administrative services (right to use telecommunication, internet and set of office equipment), enterprises can also freely enjoy all sets of hatching services including propaganda & promotion service, road-show schedule, BP guidance, capital and resource connection. Those teams achieved hatching and achieved further recognition from capital market, Cool-Cube will priority continue investment, and joint-investment all the time on the entrepreneurship road that let entrepreneurs really feel happiness of entrepreneurship and accomplish rapid growth.

Cool-Cube Nanjing Base will open soon; we welcome all entrepreneurs to visit base and to discuss projects and your dreams. Cool-Cube is waiting for you.

Cool-Cube is not only an incubator

Contact Person: Ivy Sun

Tel: +86-18622888851


Address: 4th Floor, Headquarter Building, No.1 Pukou Road, Pukou District, Nanjing (nearby No.10 subway line)

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