Devott Attended 2015 SIG Global Executive Submit & Built Influence in Outsourcing Buyers’ Circle
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According to the information from, entering into real international outsourcing buyer side decision-makers circle is the development strategy in 2015 made by Devott. SIG has held its famous global submit in Huntington Beach, California during the period from October 27th to 29th in 2015. Devott’s leadership represented Chinese outsourcing industry as distinguished guest attended this submit to deeply communicate about the core competitiveness of Chinese outsourcing and the new opportunities of Chinese outsourcing service providers and international outsourcing service buyers under the new outsourcing trend.

Different from other international industrial associations, the biggest feature of SIG itself is more than 75% of members are buyer side decision-makers from American enterprises. This SIG autumn submit totally attracted more than 800 industrial participants to attend, among them, more than 65% were leaderships who have decision-making power. Organizations participated  in this submit covered PWC, Microsoft, UniCredit S.P.A., Citibank, Boeing, Abbott Laboratories, McDonald’s, CA, Google, Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited, eBay, Nike, WFC, IBM, American Bank, IMF, LexisNexis, Mayer Brown LPP, UnitedHealth Group, etc.

Dawn Tiura, CEO of SIG Made Presentation in Submit (Picture from SIG)

Another special role of SIG in global outsourcing industry is its special influence on outsourcing buyer executives in USA. In each submit, SIG will invite 2-3 leaders who have biggest influence on global IT and outsourcing industry to make keynote speeches. By virtue of the positive participation of these people, SIG submit can lay a good foundation for its specific position in the industry. In this submit, the Former the White House CIO made a keynote speech about Cybersecurity, Big Data and the Internet of Things achieved high appreciation from whole industry and was also regarded as one of the most powerful speech of outsourcing industry in 2015.

Former White House CIO Made Keynote Speech in This Submit (Picture from SIG)

The keynote speakers of the next SIG submit will be Former CEO of Apple and John Sculley - Former President of Pepsi who are worth waiting for.

Devott has built global strategic cooperation relation with SIG in July of 2015; thus both of them decided to make wide and deep cooperation in resources matching between international buyer side executives and China domestic service providers, global outsourcing conference as well as industrial training & certification areas to co-promote international and Chinese local development of service outsourcing industry. As a part of cooperation, leaderships from Devott has firstly appeared in SIG Global Executive Submit. Mrs. Dawn Tiura, CEO of SIG and Mr. Geoff Talbot, Vice-President of SIG made detailed introduction of Devott for all attenders.

Outfield of Submit – Beautiful Huntington Beach (Picture from SIG)

Dinner Party for SIG Submit (PictureFrom SIG)

Devott is the sole agency of SIG in developing its global strategy in China, is also an important way and channel for SIG to understand Chinese outsourcing industry. Through detailed and effective communication in this summit, SIG has strengthened its confidence on the further cooperation with Devott, its decision to deeply explore Chinese market and to accomplish multi-win with each part in China, which will finally promote the interaction, communication, sharing and integration between China and the World in industrial field via cooperation.

About SIG

SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) is a membership organization that provides thought leadership and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement and outsourcing from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. It has served these professionals and opened dialogues with their counterparts in finance, HR, marketing and other business functions throughout its 24-year history. The organization is unique in that it blends practitioners, service providers and advisory firms in a non-commercial environment.

SIG Global Submit is a semiannually, each submit will gather hundreds of global executives representatives to participate in. The first submit of 2016 will be held from April 19th to 21st of 2016 in Orlando, Florida in USA.

Besides that, SIG University belongs to SIG can provide internal training services for various organizations, provide associated & professional & advanced sourcing & management courses and relative certificates that let organizations and individuals still catch up with the latest development of industry.

About Devott

Devott is a global leading research and advisory company that integrating research, advisory and conference and concentrating on global science & technology service industry as well as local market & service providers in China. Founded in 2006, Devott jointly set up by domestic and overseas professionals from outsourcing & advisory & market areas. Board Directors come from the east & west coast of America, Germany, UK, India and China. Headquartered in Binhai New Area of Tianjin also has set up 8 representative offices in Shanghai, Australia, the North America and Europe. Devott also has established strategic collaboration relationship with 12 leading enterprises in global IT research & advisory field, 25 professional organizations & national associations with reputation in international outsourcing field. The analysts from Devott provide services of data, analysis, advisory and conference with international level for the Fortune 1000 and international innovative enterprises.

In accordance with the practical spirit of “Knowledge & Practice” and by virtue of professional & scientific research principle, Devott deeply researches and analyses science & technology industry in the domestic and overseas from multi-aspects of industry, city, park, enterprise, talent as well as vertical industry, which business fields cover service outsourcing, e-commerce, cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, etc. Devott centers on prospective industrial research and integrates industrial resources, acts as the fourth party as well as provides global & quantitative & objective research and advisory for governments, enterprises, industrial service organizations and participants. With the development target of “Devoting Ourselves to Enhancing Global Competitiveness of Science & Technology Service Industry in China”, Devott hopes to develop itself into a world-class advisory and service enterprise through ten years of efforts, and to build Devott’ s brand of “China Service”.

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