Devott Reached Agreement with SIG on International Outsourcing Talent Cultivation Project
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According to the report from, Devott reached agreement with SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) on international outsourcing talent cultivation project to conduct wide and deep cooperation with SIG to further expand its global layout as well as to develop Chinese market. The cooperation between SIG and Devott based on SIG Global Submit in April and October of each year will launch customized training project-STO (Student Talent Outreach Program) for professionally training market in China. At that time, Devott, as the joint-organizer of SIG launch this service in China will deeply participate in project activities. Training project will be firstly implemented in Orlando, Florida in the USA during the period from April 19th to 24th of 2016.

In collaboration with multiple industry partners, universities and content experts, SIG has developed a comprehensive online curriculum called “SIG University” focused on implementing modern sourcing and outsourcing governance methodologies. The multitier program offers separate certifications for both Sourcing and Governance and includes: Certified Sourcing Professional, Certified Sourcing Executive, Certified Governance Professional, Certified Governance Expert. The partner universities of SIG include University of Arizona, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, University of San Diego and University of South Carolina.

The SIG Student Talent Outreach Program was designed to find tomorrow’s supply chain professionals today - while students are still honing their skills and learning about the industry. This program exposes students to sourcing and outsourcing executives, supply chain thought leadership and best practice online content through networking events, virtual education, an online resource library and career services, including internship opportunities and full-time careers.

As the unique agency of cooperation for SIG, Devott join hands with SIG to co-promote training service project for Chinese market that is STO China training project which aims to improve the cultivation of international level of China’s industrial talents with the form of training project that based on advanced resources from both sides in each area, and to improve international perspective and experience of the talents. Meanwhile, as the co-organizer of this project, Devott will fully participate in the project. The project mainly consists of three parts - global high-end submit, global famous enterprises visiting and famous scenic sightseeing in USA within a week. To take the first activity in spring of 2016 as an example, the organizers will arrange trainees to attend SIG Global Submit during the period from April 19th to 21st, to widely attend general session, breakout session and formal & informal networking, and to achieve face-to-face communication opportunities with global executives. On 22nd, trainees can choose two enterprises from global famous enterprises and organizations including American International Group, Ann Inc., Cameron Bank, Bloomberg, CA, Inc., Cannon, DTCC, HBO, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Kaye Scholer LLP, Moody’s, New York Life Insurance, NYU Langone Medical Center, Pepsi, PWC, etc. to deeply visit, interview and communicate. On 23rd, trainees can visit and travel some famous scenes in the USA such as Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, and Memorial Park; on 24th, Devott will accomplish the overall training project and go back China. Besides that, the organizers can also conduct detailed discussion and customized service content according to individual demands from domestic organizations and individuals to meet multi demands of domestic training.

Students Having Face-to Face Communication with Global Executives in SIG Global Submit (Picture from SIG)

In order to promote STO China training project, Devott will conduct widely connection and cooperation with various colleges and universities, training institutions and enterprises in China to absorb each party to participate in. Welcome interested people contact us.

About SIG

SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) is a membership organization that provides thought leadership and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement and outsourcing from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. It has served these professionals and opened dialogues with their counterparts in finance, HR, marketing and other business functions throughout its 24-year history. The organization is unique in that it blends practitioners, service providers and advisory firms in a non-commercial environment.

SIG Global Submit is a semiannually, each submit will gather hundreds of global executives representatives to participate in. The first submit of 2016 will be held from April 19th to 21st of 2016 in Orlando, Florida in USA.

Besides that, SIG University belongs to SIG can provide internal training services for various organizations, provide associated & professional & advanced sourcing & management courses and relative certificates that let organizations and individuals still catch up with the latest development of industry.

About SIG University

SIG University was founded on the ideals of elevating the sourcing profession to deliver strategic value to the corporation. SIG University is an inclusive, internationally recognized university with a mission of advancing the sourcing industry and transforming careers. SIG University is in the process of receiving international accreditation through the International Federation of Supply Chain Professionals.

SIG University was created at the request of SIG members, who saw an educational training gap for today's workforce. SIG University uses an adult learning model to transfer the knowledge and skills to its students. The learning model is focused on the self-directed learner, who has the basic knowledge and skills of the material, is motivated, has good time management skills and has the ability to self-evaluate. The SIG U learning model is supported by a practitioner faculty who currently hold senior leadership positions in the sourcing space, allowing them to guide students to a better learning outcome.

SIG University is offered online to people of all levels in their careers who seek training opportunities while earning continuing education credits (CECs). For a nominal fee, each certification level will consist of modules with lessons, formative assessments, summative testing and a final remote proctored exam allowing for course accreditation. The certification is valid for five years and will enhance experiential learning with best-practice accredited training.

The SIG University curriculum was prepared by Fortune 500 senior executives and leading academics from the top supply-chain universities in North America, and fills the needs identified in our skill gap analysis study. The training is designed for the sourcing professional and executive of the future based on the newest principles and methodologies available.

All SIG University training is available online, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our faculty includes notable executives, who are considered industry experts, actually teaching the courses and holding regular “virtual office hours” during the period their course is taught to further enhance the training experience. SIG University training delivers real-time needs in a modern online environment. This training also addresses all of the deliverables identified in ISO 37500:2014, wrapped in Vested Outsourcing methodology.

About Devott

Devott is a global leading research and advisory company that integrating research, advisory and conference and concentrating on global science & technology service industry as well as local market & service providers in China. Founded in 2006, Devott jointly set up by domestic and overseas professionals from outsourcing & advisory & market areas. Board Directors come from the east & west coast of America, Germany, UK, India and China. Headquartered in Binhai New Area of Tianjin also has set up 8 representative offices in Shanghai, Australia, the North America and Europe. Devott also has established strategic collaboration relationship with 12 leading enterprises in global IT research & advisory field, 25 professional organizations & national associations with reputation in international outsourcing field. The analysts from Devott provide services of data, analysis, advisory and conference with international level for the Fortune 1000 and international innovative enterprises.

In accordance with the practical spirit of “Knowledge & Practice” and by virtue of professional & scientific research principle, Devott deeply researches and analyses science & technology industry in the domestic and overseas from multi-aspects of industry, city, park, enterprise, talent as well as vertical industry, which business fields cover service outsourcing, e-commerce, cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, etc. Devott centers on prospective industrial research and integrates industrial resources, acts as the fourth party as well as provides global & quantitative & objective research and advisory for governments, enterprises, industrial service organizations and participants. With the development target of “Devoting Ourselves to Enhancing Global Competitiveness of Science & Technology Service Industry in China”, Devott hopes to develop itself into a world-class advisory and service enterprise through ten years of efforts, and to build Devott’ s brand of “China Service”.

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