Archive Service Industry Development in Internet + Era Forum of will be Held in Hefei
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Standing under the big trend of "Internet +", acting in accordance with the trend, the development of archive service industry meets new opportunity. In the era of digitization and informatization, electronic documents are widely used, the paper archive is gradually transformed into the electronic archive, and the tide of Internet + further accelerates the paces of evolution of paperless and virtualized archive. And the growth of geometric orders of magnitude of mass data also brings unprecedented opportunity and challenge for the archive service industry. How to fill the depressions of archive management in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as primary and secondary schools and other industries puts forward a new subject for the Internet + Archive, the Internet + Archive provides realistic possibility for the archive business which exists everywhere and includes everything of how to become the invaluable treasure, and it will also promote the archive service industry to develop towards intelligentialize, three-dimensional, and diversification.

On January 13, 2016, the Summit Forum of Archive Service Industry Development in the Era of Internet +, hosted by Anhui Society of Archives, Anhui Outsourcing Service Association, Anhui Software Industry Association, Anhui University, Anhui Colleges and Universities Archive Work Association, undertaken by Baohulu Group and Devott, will be held in Lakeside Hotel of Hefei on January 13, 2016, this forum will invite representatives from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, Society of Archives, Industry Associations, the entrepreneurs and industrial experts as well as scholars get together, keep the discussion on current hot topics such as cloud computing, big data, archive informatization, share the latest development trend and market opportunity of archive service industry under the trend of Internet +, promote and propel the cooperation and exchange between enterprises and industries.

Time: 14:00-17:00, January 13, 2016

Address: Lakeside Hotel, Hefei

Contact: Elina Zhou

Tel: +86-22-66211566 / +86-22-66211566

Fax: +86-22-6621-1568


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