Whether Intelligent Industry can be the Breakthrough of Impelling the Revitalization of Northeast China?
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"It is not the technology which changes the world, but the dream behind technology changes the world." The founder of Alibaba Jack Ma said. The responsible person of Gewei Mass Innovation in Shenbei New District, Shenyang, Zhang Guiping also have a dream which is to create "China Industrial Taobao Network", specially to help the manufacturing industries of Northeast China seek product, seek technology, seek talents and so on.

The rise of emerging technologies such as Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing enables the intelligent industry carry more human dreams. The economy of Northeast China is living through tough time, whether the intelligent industry can impel the breakthrough of rejuvenation, and bring new feelings of life or not? China (Shenyang) Intelligent Industry Exhibition & International Mobile Phone Expo closed on December 5, 2015, the heated discussion in the industry has not subsided yet.

First Key Words: Benefit the People

"Traffic jam, can't find parking space, unexpectedly encounter a traffic accident when driving a car, how to deal with?"

A resident of Shenyang opens APP software in mobile phone, road conditions and spare parking space are apparent to the eye; slightly scrape and collide when driving a car, press the rearview mirror in the car to call the traffic police and other relevant departments, and then instantly leave after uploading the spot video, in order to avoid car breaking down and blocking the road, and so on.

The Vice General Manager of branch company in Shenyang of China Unicom Wang Yang tells the reporter that the intelligent traffic system developed by the company has been online for two months, there are over 440,000 residents downloading, "This is only a preliminary experience of intelligent traffic, other projects of benefiting people are still under progress."

Economic downturn of Northeast China, except insuring incomes, insuring employment, insuring elderly care, what else means of benefiting people? How will the big city group along the axis of Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway deepen urbanization, solve modern urban disease?

The intelligent industry provides new path for benefiting people. The intelligent industries of various regions of Northeast China, such as urban three-dimensional geographical space, intelligent community, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment and so on, are still growing to be in the ascendant. Multiple regions of Liaoning propel the plan of intelligent city, there has been over 10 pilot cities and counties of Jilin and Heilongjiang incorporated into National Smart Cities, striving to let the heavy old industrial base begin to "Become Lighter and Softer".

Second Key Words: Prosper the Intelligent Industry

In the new round of revitalization of Northeast China, the intelligent industry acts according to circumstances, hopefully turns from "Slow Variable" to "Fast Variable".

The Academician of Chinese Academy Engineering Xu Shoutao believes that the advantages of equipment manufacturing of Northeast China are outstanding, the innovation-driven intelligent industrial system should be rapidly constructed.

In Shenbei New Area, a smart industrial park radiating Northeast China grows according with the circumstances. More than 100 enterprises and projects such as Location Based Service Base of China Mobile, Operation Service Platform of Beidou Satellite, Big Data Service Platform Solutions of iSoftStone land, develop the industrial chain of intelligent terminal, build the biggest intelligent industry cluster district of Northeast China.

The Secretary of district Committee of Shenbei New Area Pang Hongbo believes that the intelligent industry is a multi-faceted comprehensive innovation of technology, product, market and management, it will play a role in the upgradation of traditional industry of old industrial base.

Many years of industrialization enables huge heavy-assets subside in Northeast China. In the face of the plight of decreasing orders of traditional industry, various regions of Northeast China accelerate the deep integration of industrialization and information, rely on the smart light industry to activate equipment heavy assets, hasten a series of emerging industries based on new technologies such as big data, internet of things, cloud computing, propel the transition of new and old economic engines.

Shenyang specially sets up a big data operation company, to provide services for intelligent manufacturing, information integration, restructuring of supply chain of various main parts of the market. Shenyang Machine Tools Co., Ltd. and other enterprises make layout on cloud platform, create discrete and make new system, there are nearly 5,000 I 5 smart machine tools to be on the market, explosive growth appears, the traditional business mode of "Manufacturing + Sales" is completely subverted.

Third Key Words: Kind Policy

The road has been constantly "Broken and rebuilt", it is tedious for the ordinary people to handle affairs, peculiar certifications such as "My mother is my mother" emerge one after another.

To change all this, call for kind policies.

It needs to improve system and mechanism, enhance the vitality of development for the new round of rejuvenation of Northeast China. The construction of intelligent industry and smart city will undoubtedly promote the social governance capacity for the government, provide more new tools for improving public services.

The action of smart kind policy of various regions of Northeast China is accelerating. Harbin sets up three basic databases of population, enterprise and space, breaks administrative barriers and information isolated island; Changchun builds five technological framework levels such as infrastructure, information resources, smart application and more, to achieve intelligent government affairs and intelligent management; Shenyang focuses on the top design, to achieve a net of infrastructure, a cloud of computing resources, a card of people's livelihood service, a map of city management, build a development pattern of trinity system of intelligent people's livelihood, intelligent management and intelligent economy, in Shenbei New Area which is the pilot urban area of the national smart cities, the intelligent industry supports to build the cloud base of intelligent city, the intelligent emergency management system of three proofing linkages of "Proofing of people, proofing of technology, proofing of thing" is preliminarily set up.

Shan Zhiguang, Vice Deputy of Information Research Department of State Information Center & Secretary General of China Smarter City Development and Research Center believes that hold high the banner of intelligent industry, accelerate the reform of system and mechanism, break the barriers of unfair benefits and fossilized system, thus benefiting the people, prospering the intelligent industry, kind policy can develop simultaneously, and give support to the new round of revitalization.

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