Research Group from Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of Ministry of Commerce Visited Guiyang to Research Service Outsourcing Industrial Development
Source: View: 293 Date: 2015-12-03

On December 2nd of 2015, Qiu Lixin with research group from Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of Ministry of Commerce arrived at Guiyang to investigate development situation of call center and service outsourcing industry based on background of big data in Guiyang. Zhang Junping, the vice director of Guizhou provincial department of commerce, Liu Chuncheng, the municipal committee & deputy mayor of Guizhou, and Xiang Yang, the vice-president of CPPCC of Guizhou accompanied the research group to investigate.

At the afternoon of December 2nd of 2016, research group successively visited Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, HP global service outsourcing center in Guizhou (the Guizhou Branch of China HP College), Guiyang Big Data & Finance Industrial Park, Guiyang Call Center and Service Outsourcing Industrial Demonstration Bases to investigate service outsourcing industrial development situation in Guiyang. In Beijing & Guiyang Big Data Application Exhibition Center, research group listened reports of data center, call center, service outsourcing, end-product manufacturing situation and typical cases; and introduction about core products and development situation from represented enterprise such as Guiyang Longmaster Information & Technology Co., Ltd., Eastern Clouds, Huochebang, Qianchengtianli, Hankaisi and etc.. Besides that, research group also visited China’s Western Public Entrepreneurship Park & United Wisdom Manufacturing Space to investigate its operation model. After listened reports, research group affirmed and praised good results of big data, call center and service outsourcing industrial development in Guiyang.

According to introduction, Guiyang has showed rapid development trend in data transaction, data cleaning, crowd-finance, crowdsourcing service, crowdsourcing manufacturing, cross-over e-commerce, network and new media and other service outsourcing areas. Until the end of 2014, there were 122 service outsourcing enterprises in Guiyang, implementation amount of 4.3 billion RMB undertaken from service outsourcing contract, implementation value of 4.52 million USD undertaken from offshore service outsourcing contract, and total income of 9.307 billion RMB. Since the beginning of 2015, Guiyang Call Center has built 36,000 seats, will built 80,000 seats in whole year to accomplish the total goal of 100,000 seats.

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