"Internet +” Has Power & Service Outsourcing Releases Market Potentials
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"What is service outsourcing?” Mrs. Lin had five-year’s experiences of selling clothes on e-commerce platform in small commodity city of Yiwu. As a post-1960s, although she doesn’t understand computer and photograph; in the usual, she needs professional videotape companies to process pictures, professional detection companies to make quality inspection of projects, professional logistics to transport commodities, and also needs minority languages to make overseas trade. Mrs. Lin doesn’t understand service outsourcing but integrates it with daily life and achieves good results.

According to latest data from Ministry of Commerce, from January to September of 2015, service outsourcing industry in China kept growth speed with more than 10%. From January to September, the contract amount of service outsourcing signed by enterprises in China has been 85.45 billion USD, the implementation amount was 61.5 billion USD, which increasing 16.4% and 12.8% year-on-year respectively. In the first three quarters, the contract amount and implementation amount of offshore service outsourcing undertaken by China were 48.16 billion USD and 37.07 billion USD, which increasing 18.6% and 27.6% year-on-year respectively; the contract amount and implementation amount of onshore service outsourcing were25.23 billion USD and 17.45 billion USD, which increasing 44.4% and 42.6% year-on-year respectively.

"The rapid development of China’s service outsourcing industry has become the most active component of opening economics in China” indicated by Liu Haiquan, minister of the Ministry of Commerce.

Innovative Integration between Service Outsourcing and Cross-over E-Commerce

In January of 2015, the State of Council published “The Opinions on Promoting Rapid Development of Service Outsourcing Industry” and firstly made comprehensive deployment of promoting service outsourcing industrial rapid development. In the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Keqiang, the prime minister indicated to implement strategy of strong internet country, to implement “internet +” plan and to provide more supports for service outsourcing industrial development.

Implementation of “internet +” strategy promotes innovative integrated development between internet and service outsourcing industry as well as manufacturing industry, to continually release potentials of service outsourcing market, and to promote rapid development of onshore business with speed of more than 20%.

Under pushing of cross-over e-commerce, offshore service outsourcing has obvious growth. For example of Jinhua, Zhejiang province, the “star city” among e-commerce businesses, its international service outsourcing industry has rapidly developed from 0 base to current scale; in recent years, industrial scale always keeps leading position in Zhejiang province. In the year of 2014, contract amount of service outsourcing in Jinhua was 1.8 billion USD; among them, offshore service outsourcing contract value was 330 million USD, the implementation amount of offshore service outsourcing finished was 230 million USD. Until now, Jinhua has 215 service outsourcing enterprises and 35,000 employees.

According to introduction, currently Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou and Shenzhen—the seven cities have been approved by the State of Council to be pilot cities of cross-over e-commerce service. Among them, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou and other places have built industrial parks and integrated between e-commerce and service outsourcing; or implemented talent training, tax refund & foreign exchange settlement, storage logistics, financing and other “one-step” services; or integrated Customs, Quality Supervision & Inspection & Quarantine Department, Taxation, Industry & Commerce and other parts to make “multi-order on a net” and to accomplish “customs clearance in second.”

"If cross-over e-commerce enterprises can enjoy benefits from cross-over e-commerce service outsourcing, they will more focus on developing overseas markets” Chen Lu, the founder of 9niu.com in the field of cloud hatching indicated for media, therefore he also looks to development potentials and speed of AliExpress and other small & medium-size foreign e-commerce platforms after they locate in Service Outsourcing Industrial Park in Xiaoshan Economy & Technology Development Area.

"Internet +” Defines New Mode of Service Outsourcing

"KPO with features of knowledge and R & D has rapid development, continually innovative service modes and obvious improvement of international competitiveness” believed by Liu Haiquan, internet is deeply changing our production and life ways, also bearing new development opportunities. “Internet +” greatly expands areas and value of service outsourcing; service outsourcing industry is showing unprecedented and bright perspectives.

Ma Xiuhong, the pre vice-minister of Ministry of Commerce said “in recent ten years, technology, market, management concept and business mode those closed with service outsourcing have rapid development that is far away from expectation. ‘Internet +’, crowd-outsourcing, digital and intelligent services, outsouce & undertaking strategic cooperation, talent sharing platform, cross-over e-commerce and other new concepts are increasingly innovation and changes of service outsourcing.”

Ma Xiuhong indicated that service outsourcing is a new business mode based on a series of technologies, such as internet, internet of things, cloud computing and etc. to bear, which subverts traditional theory that service is difficult to make cross-over trade.

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