Ban Ki-moon meets with Ma Yun at the Third Time: Learn Experiences from Big Data
Source: View: 204 Date: 2015-12-07

According to information in the evening of December 6th of 2015 (Beijing Time), during the period of COP21, Ban Ki-moon and Ma Yun have discussed some difficulties in detail such as how deal with climate change via new technologies in the era of DT, and how to face famine & disaster & diseases. Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of UN is promoting a project to explore and solve the problem that global climate changes warm via big data and cloud computing.

In past two years, Ban Ki-moon has meted with Ma Yun three times. He also highly praised main and important technological development in cloud computing and big data for Alibaba, also intends to learn experiences from Alibaba. He put forward for Mr. Ma to co-improve ability of data solving global problems via cloud computing and big data of Alibaba; meanwhile, to cultivate processing high-end talent via relative departments of UN.

Ban Ki-moon had deep impression for the topic speech “If the earth is ill, no one can be health either” from Ma Yun in COP21. He also expressed thanks for Alibaba that made performances of reducing energy consumption and protecting environment via its own technologies, “the results from Alibaba have been highly approved and appreciated by each leader in UN” said by Ban Ki-moon.

According to public materials, Ali Cloud established in 2009 currently provides services for more than 200 countries, locations and enterprises in globe. The distributed computing platform of Ali Cloud also sets the world record in 2015 Sorting Competition recently.

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