Top Service Innovation Practices of Enterprises in China - Jinlin China 100 - 2015
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Jinlin is not an ordinary thing in the pool, it becomes the dragon once met wind and cloud!

Held by Devott Research Institute, co-organized by and Cool-Cube, "Jinlin China 100"--the mysterious veil of 2015 Top Service Innovation Practices of Enterprises in China is finally revealed after four-month selections at all levels!

In 2015, the concepts of "Internet +" and "Mass Innovation" have been fever rising, after the consumer market, the innovative tide of enterprise-class service market is coming to rush to the summit. With the popularity of Internet, mobile Internet and mobile intelligent devices, the enterprise-class application environment is changing, Chinese enterprise-class service is meeting five golden years. With reference to the development experience of enterprise-class service market in developed countries such as America, Devott believes that there are potential enterprise-class service markets of trillion RMB among more than 200 million Chinese enterprises. Under this background, Devott Research Institute aims at digging the new forces of enterprise-class service innovation via this selection, and explores, in the era of Internet +, the new driving force of enterprise's transformation and upgradation as well as entrepreneurship, helps the innovative enterprises to promote their innovation mode and match their development resources, impels the innovative development of enterprise-class services at domestic.

Officially started from July, 2015, this activity is in the face of multiple industrial enterprises such as Internet, Software, E-commerce, Service Outsourcing, which covering ten enterprise-class services with different links such as Sales Management, Promotion, Personnel Management, Customer Service, Software Development & Application, Data Service, OA Office, Logistics, Intellectual Property, Legal Service, it is the first case in the industry due to its wide coverage of fields and wide scope of selection. In accordance to the innovative mode and criteria of enterprises, Devott Research Institute joins hands with industrial experts to eventually select 100 outstanding practice projects which are excellent in scientific and technological innovation, development prospects, service capability, as well as best stand for China's current enterprise-class service innovation direction among more than 490 enterprise-class innovation projects.

With summary and analysis of the features of enterprise-class service innovation projects, we find that, compared to 2C-Class consumption innovation which is massive and costs huge amount of money, the enterprise-class service innovation projects are more solid and sound, healthy 2B-Class innovation projects are always committed to technological upgrade and business promotion, although they have not been wildly developed with large scale yet like 2C-Class consumption market, 2B-Class innovation projects are under control of post-70s who have service experience of enterprise and customer resources, the user loyalty of enterprise-class service innovation project is much higher, the development path is more stable, as well as easier to grow into a large company with hundreds of millions of RMB. Specifically, the overall projects listed in Jinlin China 100 show the following features:

1. Enterprise-class Service Innovation Is More Deepened and More Subdivided. The innovation projects of Jinlin China 100 are mostly the deep innovations which base upon the origin resources and experience of enterprises or founders, deepen services in terms of the requirements of application market/vertical industrial customers, take Pactera Technology International Ltd. as an example, its crowdsourcing platform relies on the technology, experience and resources in global field of service outsourcing of Pactera to deepen the service outsourcing business and upgrade it as a crowdsourcing ecology system shared and co-built by global outsourcers, service providers, as well as outsourcing practitioners; meanwhile, another kind of innovation projects is subsequently subdivided and segmented by enterprises in the same field of market, such as Business Process Outsourcing Cloud Service, Quick Reimbursement, Enterprise Budget and Electronic Examination and Approval Management System, which are respectively started from different subdivided points of account management, reimbursement, examination and approval of budget of enterprise financial management, and a new situation of their own subdivided fields appears.

2. Enterprise-class Service Innovation Mainly Focuses on Comprehensive Innovation of Technology and Business Mode. More than 90% of innovation projects in Jinlin China 100 achieves technical application innovation based on Big Data, Cloud Computing and more, there are as more as 30 cases of innovation projects taking the technology innovation of Big Data as core, such as Data Mining, Data Marketing, Data Monitoring, Data Storage, Data Security, there are over 50% of innovation projects driven by the technology innovation of Cloud Computing, such as Cloud Platform, Cloud Service, Cloud Development, in the meantime, over 80% of these innovation projects make innovations for the service mode of traditional enterprises, such as,, Wechat Project,, which provide online free service through integrating enterprise's OA office, communications, CRM, the mode and experience of enterprise service are innovated.

3. Enterprise-class Service Is Gradually Becoming the New Key Point Concerned by Investment Institutions. Among the innovation projects of Jinlin China 100, nearly six percentage of projects have already obtained financing from investment institutions, most of them have obtained A Round of financing or Angel Round of financing, nearly two percentage of enterprises have obtained B Round or C Round of financing. From the view of establishment time of enterprises which get financing, about 60% of enterprises are the emerging enterprises founded from 2011 to 2013. In addition, three percentage of innovation projects don't get financing, these projects are mostly the internal innovations of large enterprises, as well as the deepened or extended innovation projects based upon enterprises' own business development, such as the crowdsourcing platform of Pactera Technology International Ltd., JinfuXia of Huadao Data Co., Ltd., Archive Cloud of Baohulu Group, Business Process Outsourcing Cloud Service of Huaxinyongan Accounting Service Co., Ltd., BADP of Innovation Software Technology Co.,Ltd. and more.

Innovation and entrepreneurship will be the new engines of economic growth in China in the next three years, as well as the constant theme of economic development in China. For the enterprise-class entrepreneurial market in China, the overall scale maintains high economic growth, with great development prospects, but it also has many problems in the current entrepreneurial environment which lead to bubble risks of mass entrepreneurship in China. This innovation selection aims at selecting the essential and discarding the dross, introduces outstanding enterprise-class service enterprises which are more practical and more mature on the road of entrepreneurship and innovation to lead the entrepreneurship and innovation,

Innovation in China, Jinlin 100, we are always on the road! We will subsequently launch classical case analysis of 2015 Jinlin China 100, please pay attention! At the same time, the listed projects of "Jinlin China 100" will award prizes for the enterprises' representatives on the spot at "Devott Global IT & Sourcing Summit (DGITS) 2016" during the period from March 21st to March 22nd, 2016 in Foshan, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China, welcome the listed enterprises and related investment & financing institutions to actively participate!

Top Service Innovation Practices of Enterprises in China

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