Entrepreneurship Service Supports Growth of Entrepreneurship Enterprises & Cool-Cube “Double-Evaluation” Drives Full Upgrading of Entrepreneurship Products
Source: Chnsourcing.com.cn View: 293 Date: 2015-12-09

Development of era wave can’t be hindered by any power. Now is the best era of China’s entrepreneurship and innovation that exist anywhere. Entrepreneurs space, entrepreneurship coffee and other new entrepreneurship hatching modes have successively appeared; a large batch of enterprise incubators with outstanding abilities and innovative & perfect equipment have being built; Cool-Cube intelligent enterprise creator is one of the best among them.

Since establishing, Cool-Cube has finished deployment and settlement in Beijing, Dalian, Xi’an and other places. The latest destination is Nanjing. Different from other incubators focusing on internet and single entrepreneurship project, Cool-Cube focus on innovation and hatching of intelligent industrial chain to build whole industrial chain resource crowd-funding platform of intelligent industry via “entity hatching + virtual hatching” innovative mode made by “Creative +” online platform the first public entrepreneurship community & vertical threshold of intelligent products and “Cool-Cube” offline hatching & service & entrepreneurship & investment platform. What Cool-Cube can provide for entrepreneurs? Beside public and basic services on general meaning, Cool-Cube will provide a set of hatching & rapid development services including propaganda & promotion, financial affairs & human resources, product exhibition, consulting & guidance, road-show schedule, capital connection and resources to be cash that let enterprises easily develop and rapidly grow.

In order to welcome the first batch of entrepreneurs settled in Nanjing Cool-Cube, Cool-Cube will provide “double-evaluation” services for hatching enterprises in preliminary stage. All excellent teams passed by Cool-Cube investment decision committee can use 5%-10% of micro equity to change Cool-Cube super service with 400,000 RMB. Among them, the first five excellent teams will achieve “double-evaluation” provided by Cool-Cube: enterprises can use 3%-5% of micro equity to change Cool-Cube super service with 400,000 RMB. According to introduction, this is the first one in domestic incubator circle that let enterprises in preliminary stage of entrepreneurship easily increase assets and provide double engines for rapid development of enterprises.

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