Lu Yi, Director of the State Council Information Office Introduced Situation
Source: View: 281 Date: 2015-12-09

Lu Yi, Director of the State Council Information Office Introduced Situation

Director of Cyberspace Administration of China and director in Zhejiang province introduced relative situation and working process of the second World Internet Conference at press conference held by the State Council Information Office on December 9th of 2015, and answered questions from reporters.

This conference had more than 2000 guests who came from more than 120 countries and locations in five continents, including 8 foreign leaders, more than 600 leading people from internet enterprises & famous people on internet; set up10 forums and 22 topics involving network culture spreading and other important contents.

As team leader of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, Xi Jinping, the president of China always focuses on internet development. On November 19th of 2014, when th beginning of the first World Internet Conference, he once made a congratulation speech. During the period of visiting USA in September of 2015, he also appeared U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum; and made huge and wonderful speeches in aspects of network strong country, internet safety, network opinions, and internet technology and network governance.

Talk About Building Network Strong Country

"Currently, human beings have entered into a new historical stage—internet era, this is a trend all over the world. What’s more, internet era plays promotion for development of our life, production and productivity.”

                         --- said by Xi Jinping when visited Tecent on December 7th of 2012

"Building network strong country shall have our own technologies and rigid technologies; shall have abundant and comprehensive information services, flourish and developed network culture; shall have good information infrastructure to form strong and abundant information economy; shall have high-quality network safety and information talent team; shall actively launch bilateral and multi internet international communication and cooperation. The strategic deployment of building network strong country shall be promoted with struggle objective ‘Two-Hundred Years’ at the same time; and continually develop for basic population of network infrastructure, obviously strong independent innovation ability, comprehensive development of information economy and strong network safety. 

"Building network strong country shall collect talent resources to build a strong team with strong politics, good business and good style. ‘It’s easy to have a thousand soldiers, but hard to find a good general.’ We shall cultivate scientists, leaders of internet technology, excellent engineers and innovative teams with high-level who can meet global qualification.”

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech when held the first meeting of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on February 27th of 2014

Talk About Internet Safety

"Internet safety and informatizaton are two wings, two driving wheels of one body; thus, we should plan, deploy, promote and implement them consistently. In order to make good works on internet safety and informatization, we shall deal with relationship between safety and development well, and make adjustment consistently and co-development to ensure development via safety, to promote safety via development for hardly building a lasting and growing trend and industry.”

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech when held the first meeting of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on February 27th of 2014.

"In current world, internet development produces a new challenge for sovereign, safety and interest of China; we shall carefully deal with it. Although internet has feature of high-globalization, the sovereign and interest of each country should not be infringed by others; therefore, the development of internet technologies also have not rights to infringe information sovereign of other countries. In the field of information, there is existing double standard. Each country has rights to protect its own information safety. The situation can’t be admitted that one country is safe while others aren’t; partly are safe while majority are not. Sacrificing others’ safe to seek for our own safe also can’t be allowed. International society shall co-build peaceful & secure & opening & cooperated network space via active and efficient international cooperation based on principles of respecting and trusting each other to build multi & democratic & transparent international internet governance system.”

-- "Carrying Forward Traditions and Friendly Spirit to Make a New Chapter of Cooperation”, the speech from Xi Jinping in Brazil on July 16th of 2014

China is a consolidate maintainer of internet safety, and is also a victimized country attacked by hackers. China’s government can’t attend, encourage or support enterprises to engage with stealing business secretes with any way. No matter stealing network business secretes or attacking governmental networks, both of them are illegal and criminal behaviors should be heavily stroked according to laws and relevant international conventions. China and USA have same attention about internet safety, and China is willing to strengthen cooperation with USA.

-- Xi Jinping interviewed by American “The Wall Street Journal” on September 22nd of 2015

"We shall strengthen network social management, strengthen management of network new technology application to ensure internet to be object and to be controlled that let our cyberspace cleaner. Although it is difficult, we still continually do it.”

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech at ideology propaganda working conference comprehensively on August 19th of 2013

"Shall enact legislation plan as soon as possible, make internet information content management, key information infrastructure protection and other laws and regulation to be perfect; govern cyberspace base on laws and protect legal interest of public.”

"Doing internet opinions well is a long-term work; thus we shall create and improve online propaganda, carry forward main melody, inspire active power, greatly cultivate and implement core values of socialism and control time & dimension & efficiency of leading internet opinions via regulations of online spreading that let cyberspace cleaner.”

--Xi Jinping made an important speech when held the first meeting of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on February 27th of 2014

Talk About Innovative Internet Technologies

"Internet information is flowing cross many countries; thus information flow leads flows of technology, capital and talent. Information resources have gradually become important production element and social wealth. The amount of information held by counties has become an important symbol of soft power and competitiveness of a country. The degree of information technology and industrial development determine level of informatization development. Therefore, we shall strengthen independent innovation of core technologies and construction of infrastructure to improve abilities of information collection, processing, spreading, utilization and safety to provide better services for the public.”

"We shall make full development strategy of information technology and network technology research, and greatly solve problem of transferring science & technology results. Shall publish policies to support enterprises’ development that let them become main bodies of technology innovation and become main bodies of information industrial developmet.”

-- Xi Jinpin made an important speech when held the first conference of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on February 27th of 2014

Talk About Internet Opinions and Integrated Development

"According to development demands of current trend, I suggest that we shall take work of internet opinion as important work of spreading ideology. Spreading ideology is a work to cultivate people; thus the important points should be put in where people live. China has near 600 million internet users, more than 460 million mobile internet users, and 300 million Weibo users. We should admit this fact to increase investment and to control the rights of public opinion field as soon as possible and can’t be marginalized.”

-- Xi Jinpin made an important speech at working conference of spreading ideology comprehensively on August 19th of 2013

"Promoting integrated development of traditional media and new media shall accord with rules of news spreading and rules of new media development to strengthen thinking of internet, to insist complement advantages and integrated development from traditional media and new media; to insist fundaments of advanced technologies and content construction; to promote deep integration between traditional media and new media in content, channel, platform, operation and management then to build a batch of new-type main media with multi-form, advanced ways and competitiveness; to build some new-type media groups with strong ability, spreading power, credibility and influence; and to form modern spreading system with three-dimensional diversity and integrated development. We also shall focus on integration and management at the same time to ensure promoting integrated development cross right direction.”

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech when held the fourth meeting of Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs on August 18th of 2014

Talk About Internet Literature and Art

"I hope you can create more and active production.”

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech when held symposium of cultural and art works on October 15th of 2014. When talked about internet literatures, he especially encouraged two internet writers.

Internet technology and new media changed forms of literature and arts, and produced a large batch of new literature and art types also brought deep reforms of ideas and practices of literature and arts. Because of developments of text digitalization, book imagination and online reading, literature and arts as well as social culture are facing big changes. Therefore, we shall fit for trend development, focus on creation and production of internet literature and arts and strengthen positive leading power.

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech when held symposium of literature and art works in Beijing on October 15th of 2014

In recent years, private culture studios, private culture brokers, network literary community and other new literary organizations have appeared; internet authors, contract writers, freelance writer, independent producer, independent actor/singer, freelance painter and other new literary groups are very active. Among these people, literary master may be produced. Some famous literary masters from domestic and aboard have been produced among society and people.

-- Xi Jinping made an important speech when held symposium of literature and arts in Beijing on October 15th of 2014

Talk About Internet Governance System

China is actively promoting internet construction that let internet development results provide conveniences for 1.3 billion Chinese people. China is willing to cooperate with other countries to deepen international cooperation, to respect network sovereign, to protect network safety, to co-build peaceful & safe & opening & cooperated cyberspace and to build multilateral & democratic & transparent international internet governance system based on principles of respecting and trusting each other.

--Xi Jinping make congratulation speech for the first World Internet Conference on November 19th of 2014

China is advocating peaceful & safe & opening & cooperated cyberspace, supporting each country to formulate internet public policy according to their national situation. We focus on playing function of internet to promote economic construction, to implement “internet +” policy and to encourage more industries to accomplish better development via internet.

--Xi Jinping attended U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum on September 23rd of 2015

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