Cool-Cube Locates in Tianjin that Deploys the Fifth Strategic Point in China
Source: View: 266 Date: 2015-12-14

On December 12th of 2015, “Cool-Cube”, the first intelligent enterprise creator in globe has signed cooperation agreement with Tianjin Hengsheng Science & Technology Incubator Co., Ltd. and Mr. Chuang Network Science & Technology Co., Ltd.; the three parties will integrate their own resources to co-build entrepreneurship & innovation hatching platform and to provide comprehensive entrepreneurship development services for Tianjin and entrepreneurs surrounding Tianjin.

Cool-Cube focus on innovation and hatching of intelligent industrial chain, builds whole industrial chain hatching platform of intelligent industry via innovative mode of “Real Incubator + Virtual Hatching” that consists of “Creative +” – the first intelligent products vertical threshold in China and hatching & service & entrepreneurship & investment platform. Since establishment until now, Cool-Cube has finished settlement in Beijing, Dalian, Xi’an and Nanjing; Tianjin has been the fifth strategic point in China deployed by Cool-Cube.

In future, Cool-Cube will share play in intelligent industry to provide guidance service for hatching enterprises under promotion of resources; to connect tutors with professional knowledge, working experiences and industrial resources, to make guidance from macro levels including commercial forms, enterprise’ s strategy, market strategy, financing consulting and micro problems in operation process of enterprises. meanwhile, Cool-Cube will fully play strong advantages of industrial resources, capital and fund to provide industrial resources connection services for settling enterprises including recommendation of entrepreneurship partners, market channel connection, cooperated enterprises connection; to provide guidance of commercial proposal, road-show, financing consultant for hatching projects; and also to connect relative investment institutions according to features and financing demands of projects.

Cool-Cube locating in Tianjin will provide a comprehensive & whole industrial development platform for intelligent enterprises in Tianjin, and will become a new engine for innovation and growth of intelligent enterprises in Tianjin.

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