Devott Insights: The Six Development Trends of Global Big Data Industry in the Future
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As a new industry, although big data still locates in preliminary stage of rapid development that is also an area with rapid growing and changes anytime and anywhere. If evaluates from whole development, future of big data industry will show six main development trends below:

1)       Application Levels Break Out Strong Growing Power and Opportunities

Some people see data as coal mine with strong energy. According to characteristics, coal can be divided into coking coal, anthracite coal, fat coal and lean coal; there are different exploring costs between open-pit coal mine and mountain coal mine. Similarly, the most important feature of big data is not “size” but “utilization”. For many industries, how to effectively use these data and to explore bigger value have become the key elements of winning competition. Therefore, application of big data will become the core trend of industrial development in next ten years; application level of big data industrial chain will also become the investment area with biggest development opportunities. Core application direction of big data era mainly includes intelligent city, tourism, medical health, education, e-commerce, games and social media. Mobile internet will be the next gold ore of IT industry in next 10 years. Currently, some domestic leading internet enterprises including Sina, Tecent, Alibaba and etc. begin to make essential exploration. For example, after cooperation between Alibaba and Sina, Weibo recently promoted a new and important product --“Page” that users of Weibo can make interaction with each other via information flowing and ways of “follow”, “like” and “comment”. Commercial problems faced by Weibo is well-known; while strategic coordination between Alibaba and Weibo will build an imaginative live platform crossing social contact and e-commerce.

2)       Rapid Development in the Field of Big Data Analysis

Data contains value but the value of data needs to be explored and found by IT technology; thus, accumulation of data can’t represent its value actually. With rapid development of industrial application level, how to find value of data has become direction closely focused by market and enterprise users; therefore, big data analysis area will achieve rapid development. However, with continually perfect IT infrastructure of big data industry, analysis technology will have rapid growth. Different exploration technologies and methods will be mainly focused by the public in future; because, this area is directly closed with ultimate embodiment way of data value.

3)       The Relationship Between Big Data and Cloud Computing will be Closer and Closer

If find another hot IT word that can catch up with big data, cloud computing is an undoubtedly one closing with big data. Many people may consider cloud computing when mention big data, but they are actually different. It can be interpreted by a sentence that cloud computing is virtualization of hardware resources, while big data is high processing of huge amount of data. “4V” features of big data have challenged storage, transmission and processing that need new technologies to solve; cloud computing is the best platform for processor of big data, in future, the development trend will make relationship of them closer and closer. For example, BI hosting services from Amazon based on cloud data, data analysis service of BigQuery from Google, and Bluemix platform from IBM – all of these are big data analysis platforms based on cloud.

With big data industrial development, especially explosive growth of data amount, distributed storage technology will become an important one to solve problems of big data storage in future and to accomplish transferring from Scale-up to Scale-out. Distributed storage system dispersedly stores data in many independent equipment to solve bottleneck problems of traditional storage way. With gradually increasing data amount, it also disperses complicated application on each point of distributed system via distributed processing way. The distributed network storage system adopts extensible systematic structure, uses many storage servers to share storage burdens, and uses position servers to locating storage information. It not only improves reliabilities, availabilities and storage efficiency of system, but also is more extensible.

4)       The Problems of Security and Privacy become more and more Important

Data value is very important for enterprises, at the same time, there are some elements blocking big data development. Among these elements, privacy is an undoubtedly important one to hinder big data development. Some data information we seemed unimportant before, in center of big data may easily understand recent situation of someone then to have problems of privacy. What’s more, with development of big data currently, privacy is more and more difficult to be protected. The crimes using data may exist too. Of course, laws and regulations related with big data privacy are not perfect and also need professional one to protect big data development.

With more and more important data value, the security and stability of big data has become increasingly focused by the public. Continually increasing big data has higher and higher requirements no matter for physical security of data storage or for management way of data storage then to put forward higher requirement for multi-replica object and disaster mechanism of data.

5)       Big Data Sharing Becomes More Important

For big data, in future, it may more subdivide different industries and may have different analysis technologies for each industry. Similarly for big data, although amount of data doesn’t mean higher value, more data undoubtedly help an industry to find value of analysis. For example, for medical industry, if each hospital make analysis of its own data, I believe that it can achieve relevant value; however, if want to achieve more and bigger value, it must need medical information sharing among China and even in the world. It can achieve more value via analysis of platform; therefore, in order to form a sharing trend of data, data alliance may be formed in future.

6)       China Will Become the Most Important Market of Global Big Data Industry

China may become the most important big data market in future. China has 20% of global population; meanwhile, the development of China also stands at rapid growing period. Data produced by China will be huge that may promote development of big data industry; at the same time, China also has leading development in big data market. In a word, big data will bring wider development opportunities for Chinese market. For China, the market is very perspective and worth being focused by the public. Customers and developers in each industry should grasp opportunities of big data market to create more value based on your own advantages to go further in fierce market competition in future based on big data.

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