BP Day of Cool-Cube (Nanjing) Begins to Collect Projects
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Have good idea but don’t know how to implement and locate it;

Tiered for doing something by self but don’t know how to find entrepreneurship partners with same interests;

Founder team exists short board and has no idea about specific industry;

Puzzled for finding clear business forms and product strategies;

Have no idea how to advocate BP that more meets demands of investors;

Have no enough industrial resources and human support that can’t quickly and efficiently connect industrial resources from upstream to downstream

All of these are not matters; BP DAY of Cool-Cube will solve your all problems.

BP DAY of Kilifang focuses on solving problems; each tutor can share experiences and build business forms with entrepreneurs to ensure development strategy and implementation pathway of enterprises, and to provide practical solutions for entrepreneurs when face each difficult and problem, as well as to fully use their resources to solve problems. If you lack of funds, tutor can help you; if lack of channel, tutor can help you; if lack of management experiences, tutor can also help you. After participating in BP DAY, entrepreneurs can contact tutors anytime and anywhere. Tutor is not only a tutor but is an important partner. Our goal is to provide financing support, optimize business forms, contact partners, promote multi-channels of market, and to improve products for enterprises then to achieve profits and financing in angel round.

This BP DAY is the first one for Nanjing Cool-Cube and will be first time of Cool-Cube to provide “1V1” or “N V 1” personalized tutoring. We will adopt closed Sharon to provide enough time to connect with tutors.

Welcome entrepreneurs to participate in BP DAY; all signed projects can formally attend BP DAY with message after reviewed. 

Ma Yun once said “we must have a dream in case it may accomplish.” 5000+ entrepreneurship tutors, 15 years or mode industrial accumulation, practical experiences on first business line, 360°tutoring – all of these exist in Cool-Cube. We are building a dream cradle, do you want to attend?

Time of Activity

December 23th of 2015 (Next Wednesday), 13:30 pm-17:00 pm (Beijing Time)

Agenda of Activity

13:30 pm-14:00 pm registration

14:00 pm-14:10 pm opening ceremony

14:10 pm-16:40 pm 1V1 guidance (each project has 30 min, among them 10 min for showing projects, 5 min for experts’ review and 15 min for question and communication)

16:40 pm-17:00 pm freely communication and end of activity

Tutor of This BP DAY

Mr. Qi Haitao

He has more than 20 years’ enterprise management experiences. Since the year of 2007, Mr. Qi Haitao established Devott, as a consultant and platform institution focusing on service outsourcing industry; it has become the biggest service outsourcing research & consulting company after 8 years’ development. Meanwhile, Chnsourcing.com.cn and cnprojects.cn belong to Devott have become the most influenced internet platforms in China’s service outsourcing industry. Currently, Devott has many industrial brands such as Devott magazine, DGITS, TOPs selections and K & P Club, has established leading market position in service outsourcing industry and become the most influenced industrial service institution.

Mysterious Investor – X-MAN/WOMAN

A famous angel investor will also appear in BP DAY who works in first-tier angel investment institution in China and successfully invested more than 10 listed enterprises. He or she has guided more than 20 entrepreneurship projects and will lead 8 investment enterprises to invest intelligent entrepreneurship projects focusing on young people.

Contact Person

Bi Lei: +86-13962190209

Organizer of Activity: Cool-Cube

Welcome to participate in communication group of BP DAY

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