Income of Service Industry in Xiamen Takes Leading Position in Whole Province Which Is 85.98 Billion RMB in the First 11 Months
Source: View: 300 Date: 2015-12-21

Since the beginning of 2015, facing complicated economic trends no matter in China or in the world, Xiamen actively adapted new normal of economic development, continued seeing rapidly developing service industry as a strategy to do; until November, important scaled service industries in Xiamen have kept rapid growth; business income of enterprises also continually improved that further increased economy; transformation and upgrading have become more and more effective.

According to information from Statistics Bureau of Xiamen on December 20th of 2015, since the beginning of 2015 until November, the operation income of scaled service industries in Xiamen was 85.98 billion USD, which increasing 15.6% year-on-year and was the leading one in Fujian province that increased 6.2% of growth for scaled service industries in whole province. Among them, water environment, public facility management, information transportation software and information technology service industry, education industry have rapid growth of operation income, which increasing 41.4%, 22.3% and 18.6% year-on-year respectively. The income of the first two industries is higher than average level.

Since the beginning of 2015, the operation income of scaled important service industries in Xiamen have stable growth with operation profit of 6.77 billion RMB, which increasing 25.4% year-on-year and was high-speed increasing. Overall, in the second half of 2015, leading enterprises of commercial service industry, handing and transportation agency industries have greatly raised profit influenced by equity share, paying loan interest of sub-companies and other element, and kept high-speed growth with 22% or more in five months continually.

When service industry steadily increasing, industrial enterprises of Xiamen overcome many bad elements such as weak demand; actively adjust industrial structure to deal with market changes via developing new projects and other means. Until November of 2015, scaled industries have accomplished 458.06 billion RMB, which increasing 8.4%; accomplished 114.64 billion RMB industrial added value, which increasing 8.2%. Growth speeds of production value and added value have continually picked up since April of 2015; the contribution of industry for economic development in Xiamen has become more and more obvious. According to industry division of national economy, among 34 industries, 22 of them have increased growth with proportion of 58.8%; near 60% of industry keeps growth.

High-tech industry leads all industries in Xiamen. Until November of 2015, scaled high-tech industries have accomplished 301.855 billion RMB industrial production value that accounts for 65.9% of total industrial production in Xiamen, which increasing 12.7% and is higher 4.3% than average growth of scaled industrial production value in Xiamen. High-tech industry has quicker development that means industry economic transformation and upgrading become more and more effective.

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