Caofeidian: Build Growth Belt of Service Outsourcing in Beijing
Source: View: 300 Date: 2016-01-11

Although Beijing enters winter, there are many people in the hall of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Caofeidian with warm atmosphere.

On the morning of December 22nd of 2015, information such as “call center with 500 seats in Caofeidian Port Business District will employ 400 people; people can sign up from now”, “social training class of customers’ information service begins to register” and etc. had been widely spread in Wechat; until December 28th of 2015, the number of signing up achieved more than thousands; and many of them can’t successfully sign up because of not enough documents.

Why a common position of “answering the phone” seen by common people can attract such many people to attend? What development of this industry can bring for Caofeidian?

According to introduction, in August 25th of 2015, in order to implement guidelines and policies of greatly developing service outsourcing industry in Hebei province and adopt co-building model from government & college & enterprise, Caofeidian port business district signed frame agreement with Tangshan Polytechnic College, CNCCSS to co-build Caofeidian Service Outsourcing Industry & Call Center Talent Cultivation and Training Base. According to agreement, based on principle of “Equality and Voluntary & Resource Sharing & Complement Each Other’s Advantages”, Caofeidian port business district is responsible for building industry base; Tangshan Polytechnic College cultivates talent; CNCCSS co-builds “Caofeidian Service Outsourcing Industry & Call Center Talent Cultivation and Training Base” based on its own industry advanced management and operation industry bases.

According to introduction, service outsourcing means an economic activity that enterprises spin off basic & common & non-core IT businesses and business processes based on IT originally provided by themselves then outsource professional service providers to finish them. Therefore, service outsourcing should be based on information network technology; its service works (including business and business process) shall be finished by computer and delivered by modern telecommunication ways that let enterprises reduce cost and improve core competitiveness via rebuilding value chain and optimizing resource distribution. However, call center is a relatively concentrated place that is an institution organized by a batch of service personnel to process consultant demands from enterprises and customers via computer telecommunication technology. Currently, outsourcing widely uses in many fields including IT service, human resource management, finance, accounting, customer service, R & D, product design.

"Let introduce service outsourcing industry”. Facing the wave of integrated development among Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei, Caofeidian port business district decides and tries to develop this industry based on good prospects of industry development and strong policy support.

In the year of 2015, Caofeidian port business district and Beijing Cooperated Development Office according to relevant Beijing outsourcing enterprises list provided by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, divided into three teams and groups to make trawl connection with enterprises in Haidian district, Chaoyang district and Xi’cheng district. They totally visited 60 service outsourcing call center enterprises in Beijing, and made advertising and promotion of Caofidian situation in the process of connection and visiting. After some rounds of connection and visiting, service outsourcing call center project invested by CNCCSS had been successfully introduced in Caofeidian.

The headquarter of CNCCSS locates in Qinghua Science & Technology Park of Zhongguancun in Haidian district, Beijing, is a comprehensive group enterprise integrating R & D, high-tech talent resource cultivation, human resource infrastructure of city strategic emerging industry, undertaking and operating service outsourcing business. Currently, this company has 2 R & D centers, 2 technology research laboratories, 10 sub-companies, 12 agencies and 100 service outsourcing business bases; it is also one of influenced education science & technology group companies integrated with industry & education & research in China.

In order to promote successful operation of modern service outsourcing industry and call center project, Caofeidian professional established project promotion lead team; port business district, investment bureau, development & reform bureau, planning administration and bureau of industry & information technology will be responsible for their own ability to fully promote project implementation according to time node strictly.

Currently, Service Outsourcing Industry Park with 500 seats built by Caofeidian government in port business district has provided suitable operation services for registered enterprises. The first batch of service outsourcing call center projects with 500 seats locates in 2nd floor of municipal service building in port business district and will be used in the early of 2016. After 1-3 year’s hard working, this project will divide into three steps to accomplish service outsourcing industry gathering with scale of 1000 seats in Caofeidian district, mainly covering call center business outsourcing, e-commerce and relative industry backstage service, data center business outsourcing and many areas, directly driving 3,000 people employment, 100,000 people employment indirectly; meanwhile, achieved 50 million production value each year.

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