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College student entrepreneurs have become an important power in the wave of current entrepreneurship; especially after general office of the State of Council published “The Opinions on Deeply Developing Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Reform of Colleges and Universities”, the document clearly puts forward to encourage colleges & universities to make innovation & entrepreneurship education, to implement flexible educational system, to release length of study for students, to admit adjustment of academic process, and to keep school roll then to further improve entrepreneurship enthusiasm of college students. The motivational stories of successful entrepreneurship from someone born in 1990’s have been seen in each scientific & technology media frequently that focused by entrepreneurship cycle.

College students have sharp entrepreneurship features, because they are young, active; have ideas, spirit and good education bases; however, social experiences, industrial background, human contacts, channels, and lacking of funds are also fatal disadvantages for their entrepreneurship. Compare with gradually increasing innovation enthusiasm from college students, colleges & universities lack of entrepreneurship tutoring for students; many of them only focus on form of entrepreneurship competitions. Because of their features, many different entrepreneurship incubators can’t become the best choices for college student entrepreneurs.

For that, reporter interviewed many famous entrepreneurship service institutions and can’t find entrepreneurship service systems professional designed for college students; however, the “space renting + capital brokers” model from hatching institutions far away from meeting market demands. At the same time, reporter also found that “Cool-Cube” the first-class professional entrepreneurship service institution in China have experienced practices in this area. During the preparation period of 2015, it has been mainly focused by many colleges & universities in Nanjing; thus, we make a special interview for “Cool-Cube” Nanjing bases located in headquarter building in New City in Nanjing.

In this survey, the director of “Cool-Cube” introduced three entrepreneurship service opinions for college students different from other incubators: 1. Break simple college student entrepreneurship competition system and let students who have ideas enter into “Cool-Cube”; after eight months’ hatching, they can compete with each other for the winner; 2. Cool-Cube will provide college student entrepreneurship service system from entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship activity to entrepreneurship practices; based on signing cooperation with main colleges & universities in Nanjing; 3. Entrepreneurship is an important life experience for college students; thus “Cool-Cube” will integrate entrepreneurship practice with credits of elective courses and graduation thesis to make it more effective and practical.

"Cool-Cube” also indicated it isn’t an “unicorn” in college campus, but co-promotes each micro innovation with students. Based on multi-deployment of “Cool-Cube” in China, projects in each place like Beijing, Tianjin not only have highly approved by local entrepreneurs, but also have relatively high influences and popularity in colleges and universities; all of them because its strong service ability for entrepreneurs.

Nanjing “Cool-Cube” will organize grand opening ceremony & Intelligent Science and Technology Creative Projects Road-show in January 18th of 2016. Cool-Cube expert team and investment team from internet, IT, finance, intelligence, science & technology service and other fields will participate in project selection and spot interaction that will provide deep guidance of marketization and capitalization for entrepreneurship projects; all of teams also will inspect possibility of project cooperation and investment.

After above introduction, do all of students have new realization for Cool-Cube? “Cool-Cube” will successively make projects in Guiyang, Xi’an, Foshan and other places. If you have an entrepreneurship dream but have many difficulties, you can understand Cool-Cube more and listen to professional diagnosis and review from entrepreneurship tutors for your project. You in 2016 may begin from this and win the future.

Time of Activity: 14:00-17:00 PM, January 18th of 2016

Place of Activity: Cool-Cube Incubator, at Floor 4, A Block of Headquarter Building, No.1 Pukou Street, Pukou District, Nanjing, China (nearby No.3 exit of Nanjing Tech University in No.10 subway line)

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Angel Zhang:

Tel: +86-1522705844

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