50 project deals worth $6b signed in Wuxi's Binhu
Source:  View: 268 Date: 2019-11-12

A total of 50 projects worth $6 billion are signed during the 2019 Binhu Development Conference on Nov 1. [Photo/WeChat account: wxbhfb]

Fifty project deals with a total investment of $6 billion and involving smart manufacturing, healthcare, chip design, and the film and television industry were signed during a signing ceremony in Binhu district, Wuxi on Nov 1.

One-third of the projects are related to emerging industries, and high-tech and innovative enterprises operating in Binhu are expected to become strong drivers of industrial development in the district, according to the district's business bureau.

Gao Yaguang, vice mayor of Wuxi, said at the ceremony that both the municipal and district government will work to create a first-class environment for the development of the signed projects and provide quality services to entrepreneurs in Binhu.

Xu Feng, Party secretary of Binhu, added that Binhu will continue working to optimize its business environment and provide more effective supporting policies.

The signing ceremony is a part of the 2019 Binhu Development Conference, which was attended by more than 300 guests from China and abroad. Discussions were held on the development of the economy and trade in Binhu.

The Binhu government has recruited 10 high-level experts in a number of fields to serve as consultants for Binhu's development, and during a roundtable meeting, the experts offered advice on urban planning, industrial development, and the business environment after District Governor Chen Xilun explained Binhu's current economic and social development situation.
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