Liaoning Launches New Engine of Service Outsourcing Talent Cultivation
Source: View: 204 Date: 2016-01-06

After the first phase of service outsourcing middle & high-end talent cultivation in Liaoning province launched in November 30th of 2015, recently, the second and third phase of service outsourcing middle & high-end talent cultivation in Liaoning province with topics of “New Trend of Internet + Service Outsourcing” and “Entering into Era of Big Data” has been continually held in Shenyang Neusoft Software Park. There were 150 people including directors from Bureau of Foreign Trade of Liaoning province and middle & high-end talents from main service outsourcing enterprises of each city participating to this training. Middle & high-end talent training is orderly promoted in Liaoning province. Wan Lianpo, the vice director of Ministry of Commerce of the China, Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services has been invited to make topic report for participating students; Zeng Xiaofei, the vice director of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and Liu Jiren, CEO of Neusoft Group also attended opening ceremony.

Zeng Xiaofei said in the opening ceremony, according to strategic deployment of national and Liaoning provincial service outsourcing industry development, in order to promote development of service outsourcing industry in Liaoning province, department of foreign trade of Liaoning province will organize Liaoning provincial service outsourcing middle & high-end talent trainings in Shenyang and Dalian. This training is an ensured training content and form based on deeply understanding demands of software enterprises in Liaoning province and problems faced by service outsourcing industrial development in Liaoning province, after long time of thinking and discussion. Hope all students can cherish this learning opportunity to communicate more, learn more and share more via training platform and then to co-promote development of service outsourcing industry in Liaoning province.

Wan Lianpo indicated in topic report that in recent years, service outsourcing industry has continue development and becomes one of important business form in the field of service trade in China. From January to November of 2015, service outsourcing industry in China kept high-speed growth and showed many new light points: coastal provinces and cities along Yangtze River Economic Belt had strong development of service outsourcing industry; the share of international service outsourcing market continually increased; service outsourcing contracts amount with coastal countries of “One Belt & One Road” continually increased. He also indicated that as city of old industry bases in north east, Liaoning province has good industrial development bases and human resources bases, and also has leading service outsourcing enterprises in China like Neusoft. Only solve problems of human resource and market development well, will service outsourcing industry in Liaoning province be better and better. In topic report, Wan Lianpo made detailed interpretation for publishing background and contents of “The Opinions on Promoting Rapid Development of Service Outsourcing Industry” published by the State of Council.

During the period of training, Liu Jiren also made topic speech “The Influence of Internet for Business”. He said “currently, internet is effecting our society, life and changing many traditional business models, as well as changing our traditional life ways. Based on era background of ‘internet +’, traditional thinking way, traditional production way and traditional value realization for enterprises are new challenges for us. We are facing a new era that is an era for socialization, an era for people’s innovation, an era for changing our business models, and an era of distinguishing between each other but inter-integration. Service outsourcing industry is coming this new era.”

According to introduction, in the third phase of Liaoning provincial service outsourcing middle & high-end talent training held in Shenyang in 2015, many industrial experts from China’s service outsourcing research center, Neusoft Group, Pactera, isoftstone and Deloitte made excellent teaching contents and shares for city construction & service outsourcing industry development, “internet +”mergers & transformation of service outsourcing enterprises, global offshore service outsourcing industry development, improvement measurement & direction of service outsourcing industry development and big data thinking. In next three years, in order to deeply implement “The Opinions from the State of Council on Promoting Rapid Development of Service Outsourcing Industry” [No.67, published by the State of Council in 2014], Liaoning province will continually hold middle& high-end talent training to provide strong talent support for service outsourcing industry development in Liaoning province.

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