Tianjin Will Launch Pre-Research of New Generation of Supercomputer in 2016
Source: www.chinanews.com View: 289 Date: 2016-01-20

According to information from NSCC-TJ in January 19th of 2016, the supercomputer “No.1 Tianhe” has been “supersaturated”. In order to further develop computing ability, NSCC-TJ will launch pre-research of ten billion times supercomputer according to national strategy plan and demands.

As the first petaflops supercomputer, “No.1 Tianhe” has been settled down in Tianjin. In past five years, based on super strong comprehensive technology support and R & D ability, “No.1 Tianhe” has been widely used in petroleum exploration, aeronautics and astronautics, weather forecast and climate prediction, marine environment simulation, new materials and new energy that achieved a batch of application results with international advanced level.

According to introduction from Meng Xiangtian, minister of R & D department of NSCC-TJ, in the year of 2015, “No.1 Tianhe” had 1400 daily online mission; more than thousands of science & technology personnel made R & D, production, design and management every day; its utilization rate had exceeded 90%; even during peak hours, some project need wait for arrangement. That means its operation has been “supersaturated”.

During the period of “the 13th Five-Year”, NSCC-TJ plans to research new generation of ten million times supercomputer. “The features of this supercomputer is to stand out full-independence, independent chip, independent operation system, independent operation computer environment” explored by Meng Xiangtian. In the year of 2016, NSCC-TJ will launch research work with relative partners and produce a sample in 2017.

Besides that, during the period of “the 13th Five-Year”, NSCC-TJ will establish high-level infrastructure combining big data with supercomputer and cloud computer; and will deepen application of “No.1 Tianhe” in finance, biological medicine, aeronautics and astronautics.

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