What Changes Will Take Place in Nanjing Entrepreneurship Circle in 2016?
Source: Chnsourcing.com.cn View: 277 Date: 2016-01-25

In the end of 2015, municipal government of Nanjing and other departments successively published documents to promote “Public Entrepreneurship & People’s Innovation”, to plan and aim “five-type economies” including innovation, service, opening, hub and ecosystem as main functions during the period of “the 13th Five-Year” from different aspects of 26 pieces of talent, 14 pieces of industrial commerce, and 12 main works; and to gather and provide abundant entrepreneurship support for entrepreneurship talent, entrepreneurship service, entrepreneurship technology and entrepreneurship platform. Among them, talent plan of “entrepreneurship in Nanjing” not only brings big influences in Nanjing, but also in entrepreneurship circle in China. Entrepreneurs have highly focused on new policy relating with their own development. The plan of “entrepreneurship in Nanjing” is an important measurement of Nanjing in order to implement and rapidly establish talent strong country, to raise new era spirit of public entrepreneurship & people’s innovation at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Session of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. In addition, for comprehensive environment and support services, Nanjing will establish an ecosystem benefiting for people’s entrepreneurship and innovation in nine aspects including service of governmental affairs, market service, financial support, science & technology service, entrepreneurship tutor, first purchase & first utilization, human resources, preferential tax and life supports; will try to provide talent support and intelligence support for “     go further upstairs & establish new Nanjing” via first-class environment to attract talents and global intelligence.

Although compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, Nanjing still lacks of entrepreneurship atmosphere; it is easily seen that Nanjing makes hard works in consolidating industrial bases and making entrepreneurship environment perfect. Like calm character of Nanjing people, entrepreneurship atmosphere in Nanjing are not very passionate and crazy but finish each step steadily. Thereby, each government of Nanjing has actively attracted leading and excellent entrepreneurship service institutions to settle down, lead entrepreneurship circle gradually enter into positive cycle via marketization and other operation ways and hope to solve development problems of entrepreneurship enterprises fundamentally.

After itheima.com and 36kr, Nanjing has another super important entrepreneurship service institution–Kulifang Intelligent Enterprise Creator. According to introduction, Kulifang has held opening ceremony in Headquarter Building of Pukou District in January 18th of 2016 that symbolizes Kulifang to formally settle down in Nanjing after Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an and Dalian. Thus, what reasons attract Kulifang and other leading entrepreneurship service institutions to select Nanjing? Reporter interviewed Mr. Xie Tian, the co-founder & CEO of Kulifang, he said “the conception of incubator is no longer a new thing in China, but most of us still remain simple operation mode of ‘media orientation or space renting or capital brokers’ that leads continually decreasing attraction of hatching institution and commonly low survival rate of graduation of enterprises”. At the same time, Xie Tian also indicated that Kulifang from angel of solving localized services of enterprises in the process of entrepreneurship, not only provides highly qualified office environment, but also self-builds high-qualified management team to systematically help entrepreneurship enterprises to solve problems of business value evaluation, business modes and commercial system setting. Based on professional team with more than 5000 tutors, establish entrepreneurship coach system, and co-grow with entrepreneurship enterprises via form of “micro-angle”.

Reporter also achieved information that entrepreneurship enterprises can achieve highly free development space in Kulifang, and easily get rid of trouble of “non-core own work” helped by professional management team of Kulifang to concentrate on their spirit to solve technological problems focused by themselves. The speed of finishing original products also has been greatly increased. Meanwhile, because Kulifang undertakes most of development cost of entrepreneurship enterprises, and provides sharing localized service of professional teams; entrepreneurship enterprises in Kulifang not only achieve bluff-type reducing daily office cost, but also greatly decrease human resource cost, which make entrepreneurship enterprises more easily face challenges.

Kulifang always devotes itself to fully help micro & small entrepreneurship enterprises to solve practical problems via industrial resources, tutor resources, investment & financing institution resources and professional entrepreneurship service ability gathered by platform in the process of entrepreneurship; Kulifang also provides a development solution. Because Kulifang selects Nanjing, the reasons are not only mature economic environment, industrial bases and talent advantages in Nanjing, but also city culture of Nanjing and hard works of each soft environment from government. Kulifang willing to introduce its advanced service principle and experiences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship that let entrepreneurs get best entrepreneurship experiences and feel new development system brought by deep entrepreneurship ecosystem. Kulifang will see great changes in Nanjing’s entrepreneurship circle with entrepreneurs.

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