Chengdu Financial Service Outsourcing Association Established in January 26th, 2016
Source: View: 233 Date: 2016-01-27

Financial service outsourcing industry in Chengdu has new development in regular development and group development. According to information achieved in January 26th of 2016, Chengdu Financial Service Outsourcing Association mainly organized by business department of Chengdu Branch of PBC jointing with bank financial institutions and many enterprises that provide financial outsourcing service in Chengdu has been formally established. The first batch of member organizations of association include Chengdu Bank Association & Financial Service Co., Ltd., Sichuan Branch of ChinaUMS Co., Ltd. and other famous enterprises in Sichuan province.

Recently, financial service outsourcing industry has rapid development, more and more support development of domestic economy gradually, has become the first choice of big financial institutions to reduce cost, achieve new technology, integrate resources and increase economic efficiency of enterprises. However, currently, Chengdu financial service outsourcing industry has many problems such as scattered resources, disorder competition, weak management, low efficiency of service that restricts health development of industry and also affects stable and health operation of finance industry in Chengdu.

According to introduction, after many years’ development, currently Chengdu has introduced many big financial backstage service institutions such as ICBC, BOC, CPIC, PingAn and etc.; based on these, there are more than 70 the third financial service outsourcing institutions relating with financial backstage businesses that gradually shows gathering development. Reporter achieved information on ceremony of association that currently Chengdu is choosing location, planning and establishing financial service industry parks; as financial high-end backstage of financial service outsourcing, the important carriers of financial equipment manufacturing and other financial set industry development will promote development of financial backstage service industry and service outsourcing industry in wider and bigger spaces. Chengdu will also publish relative polices to help service outsourcing industry including financial service outsourcing enterprises to be stronger and bigger via reward and subsidy.

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