Service Trade Innovation Development Wuhan Summit 2016 will be Held on November
Source: Devott View: 203 Date: 2016-10-10

“Service Trade Innovation Development Wuhan Summit 2016”, which sponsored by People’s Government of Wuhan, Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce, organized by Wuhan Service Trade (Outsourcing) Association, Devott, Wuhan Software New City Development Co., Ltd. will be held on November 29th-30th, 2016 in Wuhan. This summit with the theme of “Innovation Value & Open Win-Win” will invite executives from global service trade organizations, leading domestic service trade organizations, and enterprises to jointly discuss new trends of global trade development and new development of international cooperation in China’s service trade so as to lay a solid foundation for the innovative development of China’s Service Trade. This summit will also break traditional mode to be a one with high-end oriented standard, comprehensive content and diversified forms, then to achieve real double innovation of “Content Innovation + Form Innovation”.

1. Content Innovation
1) Dialogue Between Domestic and Abroad - International Viewpoint and Collision
This summit will invite numerous famous guests from top international service trade enterprises from many countries in EU, Asia, North America and South America; many foreign envoys in China; executives from service trade association and international enterprises to jointly discuss global market development of service trade and future opportunities for China.
2) Build Exclusive Elaborate Forum- Precision of Summit Content
The planning of summit content combines international development trend with China’s industrial development situation to deeply analyze development trend of domestic service trade industry via innovative development discussion on different segmented industries in the area of service trade, and to seek for development opportunities based on local development situation of service trade industry in Wuhan.
3) Summit 1+5 - Hold Service Trade Industrial Development
This summit will be formed by one summit forum and five special activities. In the a.m. of the opening day, there will be the opening ceremony and summit forum to deeply discuss global development trend and Chinese cooperation of service trade. In the p.m. of the same day, different sharing activities with different topics including Wuhan Service Outsourcing Forum, New Trend of Service Trade Segmented Industries, “Cross-Border E-commerce” Practical Experience Sharing Meeting, The Roundtable Meeting for China’s Service Trade Pilot Cities, “Chu’s Talent Go Home” and Development & Promotion of Service Trade Industry will be held. Meanwhile, the summit will invite representatives from the first batch of service trade innovation development pilot cities and parks; executives from service trade organizations of countries along “One Belt & One Road” and domestic enterprises to launch discussion and experience communication with each other on detailed work content and thinking of innovative development.

2. Form Innovation
1) Combine Exhibition and Summit - Diversified Offline Spread
Publicity booth such as special booth and micro booth will be provided for enterprises to choose during the summit. Attendees will have chance to have in-depth exchange with China’s local government, enterprises and organizations & institutions. It provides many forms such as propaganda booth, video display, and innovative service exhibition to spread Wuhan’s voice in sections of governmental policy, regional industrial development, investment attraction environment, enterprises’ gathering, and innovative cases.
2)International Communication & Connection - Convenient Requirement & Service
Special communication and connection between Chinese and international enterprises will be held during the summit. The organizer will conduct pre-meeting investigation to realize direct face to face communication and cooperation between enterprises, direct collision between requirements and services and inspire new possibilities of international cooperation.
3) Build Special VIP Channel - Communicate and Collaborate with Top Enterprises
Multiple face to face communication and negotiation opportunities will be arranged between enterprises and international organizations. Effective chances for international and Chinese investment attraction cooperation in service trade industry as well as foundation of direct channel for international cooperation will be provided by direct collision between requirements and services.
This summit will not only have speeches on topics of “Development Trend of Global Service Trade and Opportunities for Chinese Service Trade Enterprises”from industrial experts of international professional service trade , but also launch a series of high-end dialogues and topic sharing activities for development of segmented industries including information technology, service outsourcing, financial service, cultural creativity, smart tourism, inspection & detection, and industry design of service trade. At that time, the summit also will make a better integration between online and offline to combine traditional services with modern services so as to achieve win-win.

Service Trade Innovation Development Wuhan Summit 2016 will be held on November 29th-30th which sincerely welcome the honored guests to the attend this summit.

About Wuhan
Wuhan has 3500 years of history and it is also one of cities with the longest construction history in China. It was named as “Tea Port” by European peoples when the “China-Russia Tea Road”was opened in the beginning of Qing Dynasty. It is a central city of Central Region, a hub of national comprehensive transportation, an important support city of Yangtze Economic Belt and for the rise of Central region, and also a nodal city of “One Belt & One Road” strategy, which has important radiation and driving functions for Midwest China. As the only service trade innovation development pilot city in the Midwest of China, in future, its economic development situation will not only have effect on its own, but also play vital functions for economic development in Midwest China.

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