Devott Formally Extends International Investment and M & A Business
Source: View: 289 Date: 2016-12-26

After successfully held two top international service trade summits in China [“Devott Global IT & Sourcing Summit 2016 – DGITS 2016” and “The 1st China Service Trade Innovation Development (Wuhan) Summit”-CSTIS)], Devott formally extends its global investment and mergers & acquisitions business which with leading domestic and international distinctive features.

According to the introduction from the director of investment and marketing business of Devott, the economy and service trade industry of China has entered into the later period of sharp rising. Currently, China is in the practical stage of industrial upgrading. The industrial development path that focuses on internationalization appears bilateral interaction situation such as “export and import” as well as “buying and selling”. The maturity indicator of this trend is that China’s foreign investment has gradually formed a certain scale, and become a mainstream of global investment markets. This trend not only profoundly changed the diversification and internationalization development mechanism of Chinese enterprises, but also has made a significant impact on the world economy and global enterprise development. According to Devott’s research, if Chinese enterprises take appropriate operation and management in mergers and acquisitions, it will not only enhance the enterprise resources, technological capabilities and experiences in short period, but will also accomplish synchronous growth among clients, market and revenue.

Devott takes the most stringent management process, international indicator assessment and global qualification verification process of global capital market for its Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions Business. In the whole process of business connection and implementation, Devott closely cooperates with investment banks in Wall Street, famous global research & advisory companies and well-known American risk evaluation companies to make Investment and Mergers & Acquisitions results conform with American capital market, international accounting rules as well as China’s local laws & regulations, to fully ensure the commercial interests and investment rights of clients. Devott’s investment and M & A team consists of most powerful advisory institutions from the US, the UK, South Asia, and Latin America which has professional certifications required by investment markets in US and the EU.

Devott’s Investment and M & A business serves every enterprise from all over the world. In addition, Devott provides special solution according to Chinese enterprises’ specific requirements. Compared with other international standard investment and M & A consulting business, Devott’s team has four unique values:

1.Devott not only has global standard regional and enterprise researches on investment destinations and enterprises, but also provides special considerations and research results on the sustainable development capability, stability and security of the target enterprises that particularly concerned by Chinese Investors.

2.Keep multi-channel contact with investment destinations, such as local governments (provincial/ municipal/district), professional associations, and enterprises (cooperator/competitor) to ensure authenticity of information, localization of management as well as security & stability;

3.The leading position in domestic market and unique position in international market enables Devott to provide the global highest level advisory service, unparalleled cost performance and after-sales service for Chinese clients. Under the premise of same quality and same delivery period of business, the overall cost of investment and M & A business led by Devott is less than half of other international companies’ costs.

4.Devott not only sticks to cooperating with top international enterprises in the process of investment consulting, but also sticks to cooperating with local governments, professional associations and major enterprises in the process of site selection, as well as tries to avoid the adverse impact on China to maximize local welfare.

The major objectives of Devott’s investment and M & A business including developed countries and regions such as the US, the UK, Central Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Central & South America, etc. The main industries operated by Devott’s investment and M & A business covering BPO, Call Center, IT service, financial service, natural resource companies, e-commerce, high-level service industry, and research & advisory industry, etc. Please contact with Devott’s business team in China for any question.


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