Opinions of the State Council on Further Implementing the Strategy of Revitalizing the Old Industrial Bases Including Northeast China (3)
Source: MOFCOM View: 470 Date: 2011-05-16

VI Practically protect ecological environment and vigorously develop green economy

17. Strengthen ecological building. The development of forestry and forest area economy shall be oriented by ecology. The fall of timbers in the state-owned forest areas in northeast China shall be further reduced and efforts shall be made to put forward transformation of economic development mode and promote sustainable economic development in the areas. The natural forest protection project shall continue to be executed, the relevant policies and measures shall be improved and the support efforts shall be heightened. The achievements of vegetation restoration project shall be enhanced and more efforts shall be spent on cultivating, managing and protecting forests. More emphasizes shall be paid to the function of Daxing’anling and Xiaoxing’anling as ecological screens and the plans for ecological protection and economic transformation of the said areas shall be formulated. The reform of the collective-owned forest right system shall be promoted and the pilots for reform of state-owned forest right system shall be steadily advanced. Efforts shall be made to enhance restoration and protection of natural meadows and construction of ecological projects including comprehensive treatment of soil erosion in black earth area. Organs concerned shall make more endeavors on ecological projects including protection and restoration of wetlands and treatment of desertification and environment of mines, and undertake eco-migration of residents living in the core area of Zalong wetland in Heilongjiang.

18. Take initiatives to promote energy saving and emission reduction. Organs concerned shall fully implement the relevant laws, regulations, plans and industrial policies and enhance control of the total amount of major pollution sources. The expansion of industries that have high energy consumption and cause heavy pollution shall be restricted and small enterprises engaged in coal-based electricity generation, steel, paper making and cement that cause heavy pollution shall be closed down. Focusing on industries of energy, raw materials, equipment manufacturing and agricultural product processing, organs concerned shall enhance management of industrial parks and promote clean production. The low carbon technologies are supported to be developed and applied and the development of circular economy is encouraged. Organs concerned shall spend more efforts in promoting the application of energy-saving technologies and products, develop environmental-friendly structures and green structures that save energies and land, and implement the project of promoting energy-saving products for the public benefits.

19. Enhance treatment of environmental pollution. Organs concerned shall enhance water pollution prevention and treatment of major drainage basins including Songhua River and Liaohe River and support areas in Songhua River Basin to conduct pilots of compensation for discharge amount of major pollutants and transaction of discharge right. More efforts shall be made on construction of wastes and sewage treatment facilities in large cities, promote wastes classification, recycling and clean incineration and gradually raise the standards of charges for treatment of sewage, waste and discharge in urban areas. Industrial pollution shall be under strict monitoring and shall be prevented and treated and the pollution sources from agriculture shall be solved in a comprehensive way. Efforts shall be made to promote the comprehensive treatment of environment in rural areas so as to create a beautiful look of countries.

VII Focus on livelihood of the people and facilitate social causes

20. Create more jobs by all means. Organs concerned shall actually pay more attention to employment, carry out policies for employment of university graduates, immigrant workers from rural areas and groups having difficulties to find jobs, and ensure stability of employment situation. The said organs shall well exert the functions of governmental investment and major construction projects on promoting employment, vigorously create more jobs for persons needing special care, and try to help at least one person in a family that nobody has a job find job. Policies and measures for supporting entrepreneurs shall be proactively carried out to create more jobs. The enterprises engaged in service industry and nonpublic economy and small and medium sized enterprises are encouraged to create more jobs. Enterprises in difficult operation are guided and supported to adopt flexible employment and working hours and give training to employees while not reduce jobs as much as they can do.

21. Actively improve social security system. Efforts shall be made to promote the comprehensive planning at the provincial level for endowment insurance of employees in urban areas and properly raise the standards of basic retirement pensions of people retired from enterprises. The system of the minimum living guarantee for people in rural and urban areas shall be improved. Organs concerned shall energetically promote the pilots of new endowment insurance in rural areas and extend the coverage of rural cooperative medical insurance. Works on social insurance of farmers whose farms have been expropriated shall be well done. Organs concerned shall improve the policies and regulations on employment injury insurance, expand the coverage of such insurance and solve the issues of making the treatment of persons who suffered employment injuries before implementation of the said insurance to be subject to comprehensive management of employment injury insurance.

22. Solve outstanding livelihood issues including housing and heating in winter. Works on handling letters and calls from the public shall be well done and more efforts shall be made on solving livelihood issues with high public concerns. Efforts shall be heightened on construction of tenements and affordable housing in urban areas and reconstruction of squatter settlements in state-owned forest areas, dilapidated houses in state-owned reclamation area, dilapidated houses in rural areas and dilapidated school houses as well as squatter settlements in mining areas. Supports shall be given to reconstruction of squatter settlements in urban areas. Organs concerned shall give more supports to the combined heat and power development project carried out in extremely cold areas in Northeast Region, speed up reconstruction of concentrated heat supply networks in cities in Northeast Region and solve issues of heat supply for families receiving social welfare support in urban areas. The program of development-oriented poverty reduction shall be promoted in rural areas to help more poverty-stricken people to increase incomes.

23. Facilitate education, health and other social causes. Organs concerned shall study and promote reform of educations of all kinds, improve educational quality and provide human resource support for revitalizing the old industrial base. The organs concerned shall give full play to the advantage of cluster of universities and colleges in Northeast Region and improve the level of major institutions for higher learning. Contents of vocational education and school sizes shall be properly decided by consideration of optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in the old industrial base. More supports shall be given to vocational education practice bases and improvement of basic abilities of vocational education. Organs concerned shall promote the reform of medical care system, quicken the establishment of the basic medical insurance system covering people in urban and rural areas, establish a sound medical care service system at the community level and expand the coverage of medical insurance for workers and residents in urban area.

VIII Deepen regional cooperation and promote economic integration in the region

24. Facilitate regional integration. The Northeast Region is encouraged to conduct cross-province economic cooperation, promote reasonable flow of factors for production and improve the level of integrated development. Recently, cooperation on integration on aspect of tourism, logistics, transport and science and technology shall be conducted at first. Organs concerned shall fully implement the Plan for Revitalizing Northeast Region, do good job of urging and inspecting the execution of tasks prescribed in the said Plan, and speed up the construction of major infrastructure described in the Plan. The industrial matchmaking and reasonable division of work between the east region of Inner Mongolia and three provinces in Northeast Region shall be promoted. The tax policies to support the adjustment and reconstruction of the old industrial bases including Northeast Region shall be studied.

25. Establish a cooperation system in Northeast China. The negotiation system of administrative chiefs of four provinces (autonomous region) in Northeast Region shall be established to research issues concerning coordination in construction of major cross province infrastructure projects, layout of industries and regional coordinated development, and propose opinions on major issues concerning adjustment and reconstruction of the old industrial base on a regular basis.

IX Deepen reform and opening up and vitalize social and economic development

26. Deepen reform of state-owned enterprises. Organs concerned to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, make endeavors to establish a sound modern corporation system and rejuvenate the economy in the old industrial base. During enterprise restructuring, organs concerned shall insist on handling issues according to procedures prescribed in laws and regulations, make transparent practices, actually safeguard legitimate rights and interests of employees and prevent loss of state-owned assets. People’s governments at all levels in Northeast Region shall promote works on pilots of reform of collective-owned plants set up by large state-owned enterprises and the relevant departments shall make a summary of the previous works and improve policies for those pilots. The issues concerning medical insurance, employment injury insurance and social insurance of the retirees from enterprises directly under the central government or delegated to local government that have closed down according to policies and from local enterprises that have gone bankruptcy according to law shall be properly handled. The disposal of bad bank loans concerning the equipment manufacturing industry in Northeast Region shall be finished as soon as possible. The reform of state-owned enterprises engaged in industries of grain, commerce and trade, construction, agricultural cultivation, forestry and culture shall be quickened.

27. Advance reform in other fields. The areas in Northeast Region that meet requirements to conduct national support reform pilots shall be decided as soon as possible. The fiscal management system shall be reformed and the finance of counties shall be subject to the direct administration of the province. The establishment of the basic finance guarantee system at the county level shall be studied. Efforts shall be made to improve the policies for enterprise bond issuance and explore diversified approaches of improving enterprise bond credit. More efforts shall be spent in developing diversified new rural financial institutions and promoting innovation of financial products and services in rural areas. The development of agricultural insurance shall be quickened, pilots and risks shall be expanded, and subsidies from central government shall be increased. A sound market for transfer of land use rights in rural areas and transaction of factors for forestry shall be established, so as to regulate administration and enhance efforts on service. Organs concerned shall check administrative charges imposed on enterprises, carry out policies and measures for enterprises that meet requirements to delay their payment of premiums of social insurance, and on reduction of fee rate and expansion of the expenditure scope of unemployment insurance funds, and reduce the burdens of enterprises. The reform of urban heat supply system and rural water conservancy administration system shall be promoted.

28. Further open up to the outside world. Niaoning coastal economic area and Changchun-Jilin-Tumen River economic area shall be more open to the outside. The Guidelines for Plan on Cooperation between the Old Industrial Bases Including Northeast China and Fareast Area of Russia is urged to be concluded and put into action. The formulation and implementation of the plan for protection and development of Heixiazi Island shall be quickened. Organs concerned shall combine the works on opening-up of coastal and border areas, development of overseas resources, regional economic cooperation and taking of domestic and overseas transferred industries and support areas that meet requirements to set up border trade centers, economic cooperation centers, export-oriented processing zones and imported resources processing zones. Organs concerned shall make researches on establishment of China-Russia local cooperative development fund to support the implementation of the projects stipulated in the guidelines for plan of cooperation between local areas of China and Russia. The overseas ports may be utilized to conduct cooperation on cross-border transport of domestic commodities, and the channels for joint sea-and-rail transport in Heilongjiang and Jilin shall be kept for normal operation. Organs concerned shall vigorously make institutional innovation of administration of special zones under customs’ monitoring, quicken the construction of Dalian Northeast Asian International Shipping Hub with Dalian Dayaowan Bonded Zone as the core, Suifenhe Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Shenyang Bonded Logistics Center, and facilitate bonded logistics and processing industry in the Northeast Region. The pilots for settlement of trade in goods in RMB may be conducted. The Northeast Region is encouraged to enhance economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Revitalization of the old industrial bases including Northeast China is a long-term hard task. The people’s governments at all levels in this region, other regions and the relevant departments under the State Council shall fully carry out the scientific outlook on development, free minds to make innovation, and cooperate with each other to put all policies into effect. They shall promote the old industrial bases including Northeast Region to step on a new stage when countering global financial crisis and speed up to build its new growth powerhouse with unique advantages and competitiveness, so as to make contributions to national economic growth.

State Council
Sept. 9, 2009

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