35,000 contact centres employ 3.4m people in Europe
Source: totaltele.com View: 261 Date: 2013-06-20

In 2012 there were more than 35.000 contact centers employing 3,4 million people in 34 countries in Europe, according to the European Contact Center Benchmark Platform 2012, now available through the Altitude Software website.

Sponsored by Altitude Software, a leader in unified customer interaction solutions, the Benchmark projects a 5% annual growth rate in contact center employment in Europe in the next decade. This figure hides very different realities, as contact center employment in Eastern and Southern Europe is expected to experience much stronger growth.

Outsourcing represents 20% of contact center activity

The study estimates that outsourcing represents 20% of contact center activity in Europe, while inbound operations are reported to account for 75,8%. “The contact center market is a fast evolving reality that requires more research. The Benchmark is a remarkable effort to further our understanding of industry trends in Europe.” stated Miguel Lopes, Executive Vice President at Altitude Software, “As European born vendor, Altitude Software remains committed to a focused, unique approach to contact center business needs in the continent”.

The 170-page report draws from national contact center association surveys, and from publicly available information and data sets, to build a Europe-wide industry portrait, and provide hundreds of charts and tables about the contact center industry in 34 countries. Contact Center industry information on individual countries include industry ratios and data on contact center numbers and size, growth rates, average salaries, absenteeism, churn, etc.

The European Contact Center Benchmark Platform 2012 is the first large scale study of the European contact center market structure. The study is a joint venture between specialized consultancies Areia Consultoria and Call Communications, and is endorsed by the European Confederation of Contact Center Organizations (ECCO).

Altitude Software has offices in Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Sweden, Belgium and Germany, and a strong partner network that touches practically every European country. More than 1100 companies in 80 countries around the world use 300.000 licenses of Altitude Software products, and its solutions are being used by most of the Top 10 contact center outsourcers in Europe.

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