Czech PC Market Continues to Decline in Both Desktop and Portable Categories, Says IDC
Source: IDC Press Release View: 299 Date: 2013-07-03

The Czech PC market recorded a year-on-year decline for the third consecutive quarter in 1Q13. According to ICT market research and advisory company IDC, desktop PC shipments fell 24.4% to 66,000 units, the deepest year-on-year plunge ever. The decline was mainly due to the situation a year ago, when some commercial-sector orders from 2011 were not delivered until the first quarter of 2012 due to floods in Thailand, which resulted in component shortages. The portable PC market contracted 11.3% to 140,300 units over the first three months of this year, despite impressive growth in some innovative yet minor market segments, such as ultrabooks and convertible notebooks.

The portable PC market is being affected by steadily declining demand for previously popular netbooks. "Innovative market segments such as ultrabooks and convertible notebooks continue to flourish. In terms of units, they have not yet compensated for the decline in netbooks, but they have already done so in revenue terms," says Petr Svagrovsky, a senior research analyst at IDC. "The rampant tablet market is also undermining demand for portable PCs."

Among Czech PC vendors, HP captured the largest market share in terms of desktop PCs, followed by Dell and AT Computers. On the portable PC market, a reshuffle among the top three vendors took place in 1Q13, with Lenovo capturing the largest market share for the first time, followed by Acer Group and Asus.

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