China Telecom’s LTE Gear Tender Result Came Out: Huawei ZTE Got Sixty Percent Share
Source: c114 View: 257 Date: 2013-10-12

According the source, China Telecom’s LTE network equipment tender has recently came to an end. It’s worth noting the whole progress lasted only less than 40 days.

It is acquired that 10 vendors were shortlisted for the tender bid and 8 of them got their share. Thereinto, Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel Shanghai Bell swept top three followed by New Postcom and Datang, while Ericsson, NSN, and Fiberhome had the remaining scoop. From the distribution, the Top Three vendors covered near 80% of the pie and the others got single digits.

Since China Telecom chose the TDD&FDD hybrid networking technology, it had more options in selecting equipment providers. For instance, Datang Mobile won the bid with its TD-LTE equipment while New Postcom gained the share by its FDD equipment. In this round of the tender, TDD share accounted for 30% and FDD covers 70%.

Ericsson and NSN performed far from satisfactory. As two prime global LTE equipment vendors, what they got don’t match their position in the global market. Especially Ericsson, as a big LTE network contractor for many CDMA operators, still suffered a crushing defeat.

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