Huawei Enterprise BG China: Sales Revenue in Q3 Increased by 60% Y-O-Y
Source: C114 View: 231 Date: 2013-10-15

Since 2013, Huawei successively launched new products and solutions in the industry. In August, Huawei unveiled the world’s first SDN-oriented Agile Network Switch S12700. Shortly after, Huawei launched high-end storage OceanStor 18800F in September. Meanwhile, Huawei also upgraded its video session products with larger capacity, higher performance and better compatibility.

Huawei storage has became a mainstream in data storage field. In 2013, its shipments in China ranked first. In the first half of 2013, Huawei tops Chinese server vendors. Thereinto, its server shipments in China ranked third and it got the world’s second largest share in enterprise router market. In China, Huawei’s revenue by data communication products increased by over 50% up to Q3 this year. Meanwhile, its video conference system named Zhizhen got 35 percent market share and tops the first in China.

To Huawei Business Group, 2013 is a milestone. The shipments boomed in the past three quarters and the sales revenue of Huawei BG in China increased by 60% y-o-y, which is close to the whole of last year.

It is expected that till 2018 service revenue will account for 30 percent of the whole sales revenue of Huawei BG in China.

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