The largest modern cloud computing logistic park in the Central Plains had been established and put in use in Luoyang city
Source: China Daily View: 258 Date: 2014-02-07

In the intelligent service area of Tengye Logistic Park, staffs were using the intelligent cloud computing logistics information service platform to keep track of truck drivers and warehousing & logistics companies. This platform was equipped with cloud computing system, and it could show the instant information of transportation, cargo tracking, warehouse management and electronic commerce on the big screen.

Luoyang Tengye Logistic Park was located in the Luoyang Industrial Park and constructed by Luoyang Tengye Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd, and its share of sales of Luoyang transportation was 16%with covering more than 20 provinces in China. The total investment in first phase was 110 million RMB with an area of 35,000 square meters. It had been established and put in use as well as being the largest modern cloud computing Logistic Park in the Central Plains.

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