[A heavy weight figure for DGITS] Pactera’ Chairman, Shuning Chen: We should upgrade before it is too late
Source: chnsourcing View: 230 Date: 2014-02-25

Shuning Chen, who is the chairman of the Pactera, has been aware of the trends that service outsourcing industry will be embroiled into the crossover • integration flood, so he leads his staffs to upgrade to meet the need of the new changes at an early time. Combine VanceInfo with hiSoft, privatizations of Pactera, founding innovation center and solutions center with Xianglin Rui as their CTO, all these measures seem to have no relations but in fact they have built a solid background for the future development of the company.

Now days, Pactera has successful finished the integration work for its team & business pattern, technology & industry solutions, customer market and company culture, and achieved the goal “1+1>2”. Basing on the advanced technologies such as SMAC (Social、Mobile、Analytics、Cloud), Pactera promotes the upgrading of services, and relays on the new technologies to develop the innovation of the business patterns in order to provide high quality service for China’s finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, service industry and management of the government and social affairs with rapid grows in all areas.

According to IDC’ Prediction and Analysis of China’s Banking Industry on IT solutions Market 2013-2017, Pactera’ solutions for call center/phone banking, management and customer relationship management mark top three of the list.

Why Pactera can achieve these breakthroughs over the intensive competition? During process of upgrading, what fruitful experiences do Pactera get? What are Pactera’ magic ideas and plans in 2014?

Now Shuning Chen has confirmed to attend 2014 DGITS which is hosted by Devott Co., Ltd., and will share ideas and discuss with entrepreneurs from domestic and global leading companies on the E-commerce, Internet, Cloud Computing Service and Big Data with the topic: what is the new trends and strategies for the market under the crossover • integration in the “Peak Dialogue” section.

What smart thoughts will be lighted during the summit? Come to our summit and you will know the answer!

The profile of Shuning Chen, the chairman of Pactera

As a pioneer and leader in China Information Service Industry, Shuning Chen founded VanceInfo in 1995. Under his guidance, VanceInfo became the first software service outsourcing company in China that listed in the overseas stock market. With his leading, the company won lots of honorary titles such as “Top 100 in the Global Outsourcing” “Top 100 in Global Service” “Top 100 in Global Innovation” and so on. During the year 2007 to 2009, VanceInfo marked the first place among the companies that provided offshore software developing for the US and Europe market. He was described as “the first person in China software outsourcing”. He became the Chairman of the new company named Pactera after the combination of VanceInfo and hiSoft.

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