2013 TOP 50 Outsourcing Companies in China was Announced
Source: chnsourcing.com View: 280 Date: 2014-04-03

On March 21st, on the award ceremony of 2014 DGITS, 2013 TOP 50 Outsourcing Companies in China, raised by Devott Co., Ltd. announced the name list. All representatives from listed companies were awarded their prize in honor in a welcoming atmosphere.

This year, around 2 million internet users voted in this selection, experts combined the votes result together with companies’ comprehensive strength in management and operation, outsourcing capacity, market potentiality and future development spaces, finally came out with this list.


The awarding ceremony of 2014 DGITS was very lively scene with representatives from the top 50 companies being awarded their honor. After the summit, the White Paper on the selection of 2013 TOP 50 Outsourcing Companies in China will be released soon for reference.

Photo of Honor Winners

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