2013 TOP 20 BPO Companies in China was Announced
Source: chnsourcing.com View: 262 Date: 2014-04-03

Photo of Honor Winners

On March 21st, on the award ceremony of 2014 DGITS, 2013 Top 20 BPO Companies in China, raised by Devott Co., Ltd. announced the name list. Ramgopal Natarajan, Nasscom China Chapter Member, and Vikrant Khanna, Pricipal of Tholons Inc. were awarding guests who awarded the Top 20 BPO companies.

2013 Top 20 BPO Companies campaign has been held for four sessions counting this year organized by Devott Co., Ltd. So from the evaluation process to the assessment details, all are going on more efficient and perfect than ever.

It is told that this year the TOP 20 BPO companies campaign combined vote by internet users and experts assessment. Apart from this, in the advertising process of the campaign, new image designs were adopted so that the theme web pages could be as pure, fresh and vivid as possible. According to the incomplete calculation, there were almost 100 companies registered and more than 1 million internet users voted in this campaign. Based on the vote result, the expert team came out the name list of TOP 20 BPO companies under the assessment of registered companies’ comprehensive strength.

Meanwhile, this campaign was launched under the present development status of BPO companies, centered on the keywords of “New Strength, New Development, New Trend”. The campaign sponsor intends that the listed Top 20 BPO companies will lead domestic BPO companies achieve new transform and new development in this complicated and changing service outsourcing environment. The name list is as follows:

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