The Implementation Amount of Service Outsourcing in Qingdao was 1.86 Billion USD in the Frist Nine Months
Source: View: 268 Date: 2015-11-19

Matthew with his ReSourcePro is microcosm of service outsourcing industrial development in Qingdao. Recently, to promote service outsourcing industrial development has become an important mean for promoting industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading in Qingdao, an important way for improving high-end service industrial development and an important support for constructing international trade central city.

In outsourcing enterprises’ opinions including ReSourcePro, Qingdao has natural advantages of development. “Qingdao has good climate, opening social environment, perfect network infrastructure, good industrial bases, and convenient transportation conditions.” Matthew also indicated that the more important is Qingdao has huge amount of human resources and strong governments’ support policies, when talked about why choose Qingdao to establish his company.

Because driven by advantages, Qingdao service outsourcing industry has achieved great development. Since the year of 2008, industrial scale has double increased for 5 years. In the year of 2014, there was 2.46 billion USD implementation amount of service outsourcing registered in Qingdao; among them, the offshore implementation value was 2.18 billion USD, which increasing 43.9% and 33.6% year-on-year respectively. From January to September of 2015, implementation amount of service outsourcing in Qingdao has been 1.86 billion USD, offshore implementation value is 1.56 billion USD, which increasing 27.1% and 18.9% year-on-year respectively.

According to statistic data, currently there are more than 2,000 overseas business institutions, companies and finance institutions establishing agencies in Qingdao, more than 20,000 foreign-invested enterprises, 115 overseas enterprises that belongs to Fortune 500 setting up 232 projects cooperating with 87 countries and locations to launch service outsourcing business.

According to introduction from staff of BOFCOM, in future Qingdao will seem service outsourcing development as the breakthrough to promote international trade central city, and to build national service outsourcing demonstration city. Greatly promote service outsourcing “Double-Ten & Two Big Engineering”. Construct “east park, west valley, north city” framework layout. Mainly focus on park construction & operations including Laoshan International Innovation Park, International Marine Information Port of Optical Valley on the West Coast, Qingdao Network Valley of Qingdao Software City and TI Park to accomplish service outsourcing industrial gathering.

Meanwhile, encourage service outsourcing enterprises to professionally, standardly, brand development. Mainly promote outsourcing in the fields of design, R & D, e-commerce, internet of things, finance, and cultural creativity; rapidly develop software R & D and design, logistics service, conference service, purchase and marketing service, human resources service and other productive service outsourcing, to form service outsourcing main team with sharp features and complementary dislocation.

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