Changchun is on the way to “Outsourcing Flagship City”
Source:  View: 297 Date: 2014-07-25

“China Service Outsourcing Practical Talents Training Class” was started in Party School of CPC Changchun Municipal Committee, sponsored by Changchun Municipal Bureau Commerce and China Association of Trade in Services.  Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation,China Association of Trade in Services,Business School of New York Institute of Technology, Hangzhou Institute of Service Engineering, Research Center for Contemporary Management, Tsinghua University and many other originations as well as many experts and business representatives, nearly 80 people, attended this class.

Zhongqi, Zhao, executive vice President of China Association of Trade in Services, gave a speech at the open ceremony. He indicated that the outsourcing industry was a new strategic industry as well as a technology-intensive industry. The key of the development of outsourcing was to train and absorb talents, especially the mid & high end talents, and it was also the important back of the transformation and upgrading as well as the sustainable development of outsourcing industry.

The outsourcing industry was under the way   reducing the labor costs to adding added value, providing professional services and improving core competency of the enterprises. Conducting and implement scientific and efficient methods and training high-end talents were very necessary. In order to solve the shortage of practical outsourcing talents, the state council now encouraged universities, social training originations and enterprises’ training bases to establish socialization & open outsourcing talents training system.

Last year, China Association of Trade in Services carries out “Three parts together to train mid & high-end talents”. The expert committee, qualified training bases and outsourcing enterprises would promote the training of mid & high-end talents. The outsourcing industry in Changchun developed rapidly, and attracted considerable attention   the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Changchun municipal government. The rapid development of outsourcing industry in Changchun with technologies and talents was recognized by the Expert Committee of China Association of Trade in Services, and Changchun was chosen to be the national service outsourcing talents training base and pilot city. It not only undertook the work of training mid & high-end talents for outsourcing industry, but also undertook the work of training talents for the local development.

The potential rate of outsourcing industry of Changchun ranked 5th in 2013. The off-shore execution amount of Changchun accounted for 73.16 percent of the total amount of the whole province with its scope of business covers fields such as power design, pharmaceuticals, automotive electronics and other industries, covering ITO, BPO and KPO and US, Russia, Kazakhstan , Japan, South Korea and many countries.

Now Changchun carried out many policies such as building parts, training talents, establishing industrial platform, releasing support policies and ect to encourage the development of the outsourcing industry. Changchun was on the way to “Outsourcing Flagship City”.


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