Founder's Strength of Crowd Innovation Space, All Star Lineup of Cool Cube
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In 2015, with the outbreak of entrepreneurial tide, the concept of "Incubator" becomes extremely popular, and a new term is born - "Crowd Innovation Space". However, with the increase in quantity of Crowd Innovation Space, it is inevitable to appear both good and bad situations in quality, the operators without solid foundation can be found everywhere. They take the leasing service of cheap space as core, and they don't have measures when they meet the professional problems of financing and enterprise management. An outstanding incubator should not only understand the industry and entrepreneurship, but also understand the entrepreneurs, not only have capitals and resources, but also have ecology. Today, we will talk about the magic charm of "Cool-Cube Intelligent Enterprise Creator", unveil the outstanding mystery of this industry!

Opening the introduction information of Cool Cube, we are immediately attracted by its strong mentor team. Cool Cube has nearly 5,000 entrepreneurial "Micro Angels" in the fields of Internet, IT, Finance, Technological Service industry, these "Micro Angels" not only give profound ideas to the start-up enterprises standing in the neutral point of view, but also are more willing to make direct investment to the enterprises that they support by their own financial resources, these "Micro Angels" are different from the general entrepreneurial mentors, they are even the "Families" of the start-up enterprises. Surprisingly, every "Micro Angel" gathered in Cool Cube is outstanding figure in their respective field, how can a start-up service organization gather so many mentor resources with such a high quality? What are the outstanding advantages of Cool Cube?

Professional and Dedicated Vertical Incubator

A "Micro Angel" of Cool Cube who has worked in the advisory industry for ten years tells us that, "With many years of hard work, we have had profound understanding and confidence to the development of technological service industry, so we heartily wish that our judgment and experience can help the entrepreneurs by direct ways and channels, and the Cool Cube gives us this opportunity." Different from the homogeneous service of general start-up organizations, Cool Cube has a clear incubating orientation, the precise orientation towards the three fields of Intelligence, Hardware and Community makes the Cool Cube more focused and more professional, the people who gather around the Cool Cube are the experts and coteries of the above fields, facing with the entrepreneurs of the vertical fields, it is no doubt that this kind of matching is much simpler and more efficient.

Entrepreneurial Partner which is Not Only a Teacher but Also a Friend

Taking about the reasons why joining in the Cool Cube, a senior partner of Cool Cube has a deep impression, "I have cooperated with Cool Cube for two years, and witnessed that the service system of Cool Cube has improved little by little, they not only provide places and basic operational services for the entrepreneurs, give direct investment to the outstanding projects, what is more, it forms a close partnership between Cool Cube and entrepreneurs, they pay attention on every link of the development of enterprise, they match resources and solve problems very quickly, many Micro Angels can feel the sense of mission of Cool Cube. This strong sense of mission also urges us to help the entrepreneurs rapidly grow with our experience, connections and resources, standing out from the fierce market competition as soon as possible." Indeed, 5,000 Micro Angels of Cool Cube are the best friends of Cool Cube, they join hands with Cool Cube together confront with the start-up enterprises, serving the enterprises from multiple dimensions such as capital, space, service; the improvement of success rate of start-up enterprises is obvious because of these.

A Golden Key to Rapidly Get Financing

Many entrepreneurs regard matching with VC (Venture Capital) as one of the most important things at the initial stage of entrepreneurship, Cool Cube thinks that good projects can surely get investment, the critical fact lies in whether it is well-prepared for matching with VC. Many start-up projects do not have clear financing plan, perfect BP (Business Plan), business mode that can hit the pain point of investors, effective product packaging, in this case, of course, the efficiency of financing is very low. However, the investors of Cool Cube feel very relaxed when they examine the BP of incubated enterprises, they realize that many problems have been found out and have been solved for enterprises by Cool Cube, a business project with a high level of maturity has been shown in front of them, and the painful process of empty talk has been avoided. A senior investor surprisingly says, "In practice, we see the distinctive Cool Cube, its service is very systematic and professional, the entrepreneurs integrate into industry with fast speed, and can rapidly mobilize resources of upstream and downstream. Meanwhile, the basic operating service provided by Cool Cube ensures that the entrepreneurs concentrate on products and markets, and they can start businesses by "Lighter" attitude which accords with our investment philosophy."

Being focused and professional, the powerfulness of Cool Cube is more than that. When the 5,000 entrepreneurial "Micro Angels" which spread all over the fields of Internet, IT, Finance, Technological Service Industry face with the entrepreneurs by themselves, via the platform of Cool Cube, the superior resources behind each biggie have been integrated into a huge resultant of efforts, thus the deep incubating services of Cool Cube are capable to help them rapidly and pointedly replenish the deficiencies when facing with various entrepreneurial problems met by the entrepreneurs in different types and different stages, this is the main reason why Cool Cube can rapidly receive welcome and achieve the settlement in the country.

It is known that Nanjing Base of Cool Cube will be officially opened in January, 2016. Currently the selection of projects is being in process vigorously, for the entrepreneurs in Nanjing who are interested in do not miss your Micro Angel!

Contact: Sun Ying

Mobile Phone: +86-186-2288-8851

Address: 4th Floor, Block A, Headquarter Building, No.1 Pukou Road, Pukou District, Nanjing (Metro Line 10)

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